Monday, September 22, 2014

Well I have walked five hundred miles..., Dry Mormons, Birds and the Bee's #..

Well well well, that has most certainly gots to be my longest title for an email, ain't it ;)? But all in good taste, it was worth it and I can't wait to let y'all know about it. So lets get this motor boat going shall we? So we met with Scott twice this past week which was really a treat that we were able to do so since the second time we went and saw him though, it was planned, he had forgotten and had caught him just a few minutes before he was going to leave. We talked with him about the importance of church attendance, the sacrament, and the importance of scripture study. The latter we did on Saturday with him. It was really cool since he is so willing to learn and Elder Ballif and myself do believe he knows that it is true, he just doesn't understand what the spirit fully feels like and is still looking for that lightning bolt to come from the sky with God parting the clouds saying Believe!!!! (put a trill on that and you will have his exact humorous words lol). We had Brother Eldredge with us for the second time too and I must say that he has to be one of the best member presents that I've had on the mission. We were talking about faith a little bit towards the end of our discussion on scripture study to which he related it to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade haha. Talked about taking that leap of faith onto the invisible bridge ya know ;). Overall at this time, he is doing well, so events to be described as they pend. Late Tuesday night we were out with Brother Dayton our Ward Mission Leader like we usually are on Tuesday but we were able to have a really good lesson with Brother Baldwin, who has to be one of my favorite guys I've ever met. Laughs at pretty much everything and is the most happy go lucky man I have ever met. However, in this lesson I kinda got drowned out by both Ballif and Bro. Dayton haha. We got into family history with him which got him super excited and he really wants to do more. We were actually able to find the name of his grandmother to which he had never known so guess what. Spirit of Elijah be real. One of these days it'll get me too :3 but we shall see ;). So Wednesday was very interesting. We had a lesson with a less active by the name of Ed, who I may have mentioned two weeks ago. He used to be a green beret (hope I spelled that right) but now he's a bit older with a lot of health problems which he has to take certain meds for. Now we don't go and see Ed after five in the afternoon since that's when he takes his meds and is probably the most incoherent man you'll ever talk to at that time. Well... Seems he took em' a bit early this fine Wednesday afternoon cause he said a nine minute long prayer and talked to us the whole time about how the world needed to be united under one government and though it wouldn't be in his time it might be in ours lol. Got super emotional and kept loading our bowls with Eastern Shore Chili (really good stuff but after the second bowl your a bit stuffed and he keeps it coming haha). We barely managed to get a lesson in with him before we had to get running onto our next meal appointment with the Eldredges 0.o. That night was quite awkward. Much awkward silence, as a silent heat battle went between Sister Eldredge and Bro Eldredge. Cause, we don't know. We just know that the kids were kinda the only ones we talked with, since things seemed to be a bit tense at that point in time :S. It was a crazy night. Now funny story about that Thursday call ya received... Oh dear lol. So we had been planning when we had to go to dinner with Jay and his wife Martina. I had made Jay rolls which he thoroughly enjoyed, asked me for another order yesterday, hehe. Well he sold a banjo two weeks ago and I was asking him if he knew of any place locally that I might be able to get one. He said that he would put a note online within the coming days to see what he could find and he would let me know. Great I got a week to talk to you about it and see if your ok with that... Three literal hours later "I FOUND ONE!" So he gave you a call and you'll have to tell me what ya think of him but I do love Jay. Driest Mormon ever though its ridiculous. He comes to our church. Participates in our church. Heck even yesterday a member was like yo Jay when you getting baptized and he just played around with it haha. Such a good man, but we think he's stuck on what his Baptist professor told him back in the seventies cause we had a bit of a talk on the Plan of Salvation, which he thought we believed differently :P. Guess we shall see if my rolls can bring him over the rim shall we ;)? The Banjo is Gorgeous and I have a few pics that I'll send ya today. Now I just need to figure out where to get some banjo picks and a how to play book so I can tune her up, lol. Very nice though. Later that night we tried to go and see the ex member we work with Neal which leads us into another one of our interesting title phrases today... So his Indian roommate who speaks no English invites us in and says shower. Neals in there so we just take a seat and he leaves to continue a phone call he was working on. TV playing and a certain ad comes on for a certain hot line.... and then another one.... Ya I don't know if y'all have given Emree the talk which is why I stay sparse but Elder Ballif and myself just kinda awkwardly and silently leave lol. So next time we see him we shall see if he even knows we dropped by cause it was extremely awkward :P. Friday and Saturday were crazy... We walked fricken every where to save on miles and after we were done each day we added how far we went by the map. About twelve miles a day so I guess by white handbook standards we are just one mile off from being fully prepped missionaries :P. Not to much happened in this time frame besides walking and looking for potentials though so not to much to report. Saturday afternoon though we did have interviews which I always enjoy. Had some very good talks with President and his wife and I was very happy to find out that though they strongly recommend I get it, I am not required to get a flu shot hahahahahaha. Not I said the dog :3. But I did have a good chat with President and I received some really cool complements from him. I was also told that I have a lot of self confidence (which I slightly doubt, but yet that's not very confident is it, lol) compared to when I got off of the plane that cold January day :P (this I very much believe). I got an idea though that this possibly might be my only transfer with Ballif which I really hope its not since I'm quite fond of him and I really hate one and dones :P. So this time next week I guess we shall see whats up... So last but not least yesterday we had a lesson with Kiombre and Sister Lee. She is totally coming back and we were able to have a very good lesson with them. We were also able to set Kiombre with a baptismal date for the 26 of October so we will be in full swing working with him over the next couple of weeks. He has to be one of my favorites because he's Emree's age and he asks and answers with deep thoughts, which are a bit boggling that he does so, for such an age 0.o. Welp that is the preceding's of my week thus far as we have now started a new one. Be Eight and a half months out now which almost blew President Anderson's mind, hahaha.

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