Monday, August 4, 2014

The weekly report of the one and only Elder D. Macrae Olsen

So this week zipped right out from under my feet and seems to be hiding under the bed never to be found again... Like many real life items back at home :3. Anyways things started off really weird with Cynthia. So apparently she has a boyfriend who is very anti Mormon who has never met a Mormon but knows that they are evil and doesn't want us around Cynthia so we weren't able to have a lesson with her. Elder Leavitt and I get the feeling that there is a lot of domestic violence going on cause she is really scared of him and talking about the entire topic and yesterday we got a random phone call that she felt there is a demonic force in her house by the name of Donald. Talked with her a bit and then she said he called her and said she had to choose so she chose him and wouldn't be talking to us anymore (rolling eyes). Anyways Elder Leavitt and myself don't believe that this is the last time we will hear from her cause she's already given kinda the same dissertation to us twice so we shall see in the coming future. She really needs to get that guy outta her life. She's like in her sixties too so why does she care what this guy thinks :P. I'll move on. Richard is doing better but the topic of tithing finally came up and it is so interesting to talk about. Richard is one of those that you know he knows its true but with what happened he's still trying to hold onto a bit of that grudge for whatever reason. I know he'll come back but it is going to be a slower process than I originally thought and ya know its going to be him making the decision in the end. On Wednesday I went on exchanges up into Harrington with Elder Thomas. Elder Thomas is one of those people that is like super nice, short, and ya can't say anything bad about him but yet also don't wanna touch him cause ya might break him lol. It was a fun exchange and he's really good at street contacting. It was a bit interesting when we went tracting and he used the pamphlet at first right at the door which I was say weirded me out a bit. Here's a tip if the girls ever go on a mission and that is that the pamphlets are the easiest way to teach a lesson. However I would not recommend them when your tracting and letting all of the flies into someones house lol. Now one very interesting point to make about this exchange was when the night came along and it was time for bed. If you see a purchase for a yoga mat and a blanket show up I'll explain this now. I don't think once Elder ____ has ever washed his sheets and the smell was rank XP. It was super nasty, the bed terrible, and I froze so I got about two hours of sleep that night lol. So ya I feel that this might be a worthy purchase if I can find the items here today at Walmart :3. Ya the next day we had zone training too and the zone leaders or rather Elder Shamo tried to have our exchange changed to that day (never told his comp, which lead to an interesting conversation ;) ) to which I was like nooooooooo! In my head that is but I said yes. And then we changed it back to friday and I said like yesssss! So tired! I found my weakness that morning at zone training. When I'm super tired I found that I'm more suseptable to trunky thoughts and am quite irritable so new rules don't always come across the best at those times. Solution is to make sure I sleep :3. Ya, not including the email stuff we received more rules and stuff to that effect which worries me a bit. I feel like we just keep getting restrictions and though some may be good but others feel like a slightly tightening noose ya know? Like if I do this I'm unknowingly going to break more rules by accident lol. But thats how life goes. Apparently before Thursday we could go to professional sporting events? I have no idea how I could of done this but ok, lol. That one ain't going to bother me one bit... I hope ;). Friday was an interesting exchange with Elder Shamo. I was super excited for it since my last time with Shamo we had a really good time but that was quickly dashed. The best word I could use to describe it is that it felt like he was jittery... or on the edge... I don't know it just felt like he was always wanting to be on his feet and moving ya know? It didn't help that we had no lessons that day either so we just did a lot of finding which I learned a little later is his least favorite thing to do on this mission. Really good at teaching but finding I guess isn't his forte. Like street contacting for me :). But it was good we found some people for later and I hope we will be working with them real soon here. I had a few of those oh crap moments though. Those moments your with a higher up and your like gosh dang it. There was one lady we found named Carol who yelled at the door for us to come in. Well with Elder Whitaker in this case scenario as long as you were just in the door way and got out as fast and curtious as possible it was ok to be in a room with just a female ya know? Get the info ya need and leave. Well I was the only one who went in the door while Shamo poked his head in letting all these flies in going male? I hate those situations cause your like dang it! Why was I with a zone leader when this happened lol. Maybe I explained this situation terribly but I hope ya get the jist of it. So another stress factor that we have going on is with the ward council. Bishop does stuff and so do the missionaries. But nothing else is getting done and nothing is changing which is bugging the crap outta us. Take case scenario of the Bassfords. Been working with them for three months and yet they still don't have any home teachers :/. That is the big thing I've noticed on the mission is that if you have an active ward, especially a ward that actually does home teaching there is a huge difference in its strength and relationship so I have to give Dad props here for dragging my sorry but every second Sunday out the door to go Home teaching :). FOR THE GOOD OF THE WARD!!! It does make a difference. We had a lot of new finds this week and a complete list for ward council :). Now we just need some help from them :/. Draggin them by the collar on a leash :/. One thing we are noticing though is how the ward treats the Hispanics in the ward and Elder Leavitt and myself had a good discussion about this. Very few people talk to them and there is a bit of a segregation problem which we are finding to be a big problem :(. So we are going to be working on that cause we don't want them feeling excluded ya know? It aint right cause they are all really awesome. So last up in news is I'ma try out the promise that if ya read the book of Mormon in another language you'll be able to speak it or at least understand it so wish me luck lol. It's going to be an interesting ride since Leavitt flinches pretty much every time I pronounce the words lol.

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