Friday, August 22, 2014

Mission Roulette, Get Dunked, Randomosity

So, I guess the first and most recently pending news that I can give for the time being is that I will be on the move again, no idea where I be going but it twood seem that the mission roulette system will tell me where that will be tomorrow ;). I'm pretty sad to be leaving this area, but I know that it is in good hands and that it will continue to progress well over the next few months. More details on that in a second. For now I'll let ya know how the week went. So, we started off pretty skiwompas as I probably told ya in my last email, on Monday we had service with Brother Horsely till about three that afternoon, setting us up for not having to much time to do anything else that P-Day but to get laundry done and then to move onto going out and working. Brother Horsely is awesome and we still have no idea as to why he is less active. Super smart and active in mind and heart but for whatever reason he just doesn't come to church. Guess Elder Leavitt will have to figure that one out won't he :3. But it was good and I wish I had been around him more but better luck next time. Not much happened Monday evening so fast forward zippppp! Tuesday hmmm, what happened this past Tuesday. Tuesday was a really strange day in that nothing really happened till later that evening. We went and tried to stop by a few people and appointments cancelled along with someone Jose who we were supposed to take with us to mutual that night with the young men at Bishop Gordon's house. But we weren't going to have that so at the very least we were going to bring the young men over to his house to meet him cause the only reason he gave his mom for cancelling was that he didn't wanna go. Well we all jumped into our cars and Elder Leavitt and myself were the flagship leading the way to his house so that he could meet all of the young men lol. He stood no chance and when we got to his house with about ten young men all fit into one room in a trailer we said a few words to the mom and him and then Jose became a part of the mass and was shuffled outta there to Bishop Gordon's, hahaha. I loved what Brother Whitmer said as we did this, "now that's how you do a kidnapping!" :3. We played a game called curses and Jose who is a pretty shy kid totally had a blast and from what we were told by his mom (well Elder Leavitt that is, I speaketh picito spanish) is that he loved it a lot and she loved to see that he was out having fun with kids while yet not doing stupid things :D. This is where she actually got the interest in the missionaries cause she wanted to see if we could be a good influence on him :). Oh I remember what happened on Tuesday afternoon now... So we received this referral from church headquarters that morning for a "Brian Williams" :/. So funny story here, we go down to Seaford and its raining like heck this fine Tuesday and knock on the door. Leavitt states that he saw a woman come to the window and then leave so we both think that they saw us and then ditched us... Well the door opens and low and behold there is Hunter, hahaha. Well, it would seem that his brother Chad had used a fake username along with a fake number (sent us to the church referal system) in hopes that a Book of Mormon would be mailed to him... Well if ya know the church system at all we like to hand deliver our items, hahaha. So we are invited in and Chad isn't there but what I like to call silent bashing proceeded. Leavitt's never been in a bash before either so this was very awkward for him haha. We left there with Leavitt fuming but he's ok now. They want us to deliver that Book of Mormon to Chad directly so we shall see what goes on there. I doubt Leavitt has any plans to go back since I am now leaving ;). I was on exchanges this Wednesday with Elder Shaw up in Harrington. We had a really good time together and had quite a few lessons that day. Overall I would say that it was a success and I really hope that I will get to serve around him agian before he leaves this winter but only time will tell... again :P. I feel that that phrase is oh so common here on the mission ;). The main cool thing that happened on exchanges besides bonding was that we had a lesson with a Less Active who, for whatever reason that day I was there, really got into the discussion and was making all sorts of good comments. The only problem I had with this exchange is that I like slept but not really at all. So that next day was a rough one and of course the Zone Leaders, Elder Shamo and Hansen just had to be there when I was tired and grumbly :3. I don't really like it when ZL's sit in on weekly planning sessions since I feel the last part is mainly meant for just you and your companion but it is what it is. Shortly after that we went and had our interview with Katelyn :D. It was really cool and she passed and looked a lot more excited about it this visit compared to the last! Had a short little lesson with her and then right before leaving her brother gave me his watch? Its a really nice watch and I have no idea why he gave it to me but I'm thankful for the offer :3. Friday hurt a bit. It was a the last time I saw Richard Darling and it was cut short do to another appointment (that ended up cancelling :( ) and of course I forgot my camera >.<. So I'll have to have him send me a picture of him while he's down in South Carolina. He told me that if I wrote him letters that he would write back so I'm super excited for that :D. On friday we also helped out a Less Active named Joe, move into his new house which was pretty sweet. Really nice guy and because we helped him he said that he's been having the feeling to come back and that he is going to start doing so. I guess he used to be a ward mission leader up in Potsville, PA and do to an experience with some disobediant missionaries and a very angry ward he felt unwelcome and offended since they were angry with him though it wasn't even his fault. So, That's something that Elder Leavitt will get to continue working with. Really nice guy. Both Friday and Saturday we were supposed to help out Dave,at some metal pile but both times he wasn't there so we wasted about twenty miles each day just trying to go out and help him :P. Saturday is when the picture masacre started and that began in the evening with Miguel, Ellena, Juan, and Roberta. Man I'm going to miss these two families. They live together in the same house and they are just super nice. This was the first time we had contact with them in the past two weeks too, besides Ellena over the phone. They will be getting there marraige licence this week!!!! Finally after four and a half months they will get married and after that baptized! Sheesh thats all thats been asked about every week since I got here and even before that :P. The mission is crazy like that. I had hoped to be able to go and be one of their witnesses for the licence but that will happen most likely on Wednesday so I miss it by a day :/. Then Sunday, the day of days that set us up for success. I am leaving this area having gotten us four new investigators because of yesterday :D. Or rather God did since he sent em' but I gotta teach em and set up return appointments so I'll call that good! They will be really solid for Elder Leavitt too seeming how the one may or may not already be a member trying to get back into it with his catholic wife and the other couple the Hammond's are brother Horsley's friends who I've tried to have contact with the entire time I've been here :P. Goodness :3. We then had the baptism of Katelyn! Her cousin flew in and did it for her. He leaves on his mission in two weeks and will be working in the West Jordan where abouts so he might actually have Sandy in his mission :). That would be cool now wouldn't it? But then again him meeting the grandparents in Sandy and then retaining who they were is probably pretty small since there are so many of y'all out there :P ;). Utahs good but when someone knows who you are out here it means a little more ;). I got a lot of pictures at church this Sunday cause thats the only place where I'm going to be seeing all of these people haha. So hopefully the next time I send ya the flash, which will be real quick here... I'll have some pics to show for this area :). Welp, that does it for about the week. I was going to learn to reload shotgun shells with Bro Horsley but it would seem that will be on hold until President and God send me back here which I dearly hope will happen but yet again... Only time will tell :P.

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