Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Double dipped, white book, crysco cookies

Woof, this was an interesting partly hard blasted right past week.... Yup bout sums that up, anyways as I already let ya know we moved on Tuesday. Ya that was nice news to receive on Monday night but oh well. We got er all done anyways ya know :P. The main problem now is the fact that we are struggling with miles do to the move and the fact that Georgetown is just out there all by itself :/. I gave Elder Jones a call who is a senior missionary from Blanding (it's ok, he went to usu) and is our vehicle coordinator and used that amazing Moab-Blanding USU bond we have to have us not get yelled at once we send in our mileage report, lol. So on Monday we met with Cynthia and we were reviewing with her since it's been probably fifteen years since she's heard any of it, turns out she remembers practically everything which is pretty dang good for a lady who's suffered from brain cancer and tumors. She's interesting but a really nice old lady. We also saw Gloria after her and she should be reactivated soon :D! Just need to get her to church two more times and she'll be golden. So that'll make two re-activations so far on the mission :D. Older people are awesome and I hope to see Richard reactivated but I get the feeling that he's going to take longer than the time I have to spend here :/. I hope to stay here longer but ya never know ya know? Always keeping ya on the move :P. Tuesday was interesting, we got everything moved out and into the Georgetown apartment by about two o clock and made way to the Bassfords. Everyone thinks I'm saying something else when I tell them who we were going to see that day lol. We brought Brother Smith along with us and the lesson went pretty darn well. I've never seen brother Bassford talk so much since we usually get in there and wait ten minutes for him to get the dog to shut up :). We hadn't eaten all day and right before them we went to Taco Bell. Then out of the blue, afterwards, Brother Smith took us to a resteraunt and then we ate at the Heders before going and doing service for them :P. It was a pretty crazy day and Elder Leavitt and myself were sore the next couple of days afterwards. I'll be honest but I had a pretty big low after the move until Thursday. For whatever reason I had to fight with myself to get rolling just fine again but for now I'm good. I would have to say that just for myself that transfers, exchanges, or anything in the likeness is the hardest thing for me about the mission to which I just gotta go through cause I ain't got no say in the matter :3. We also picked up two randomly awesome investigators. Their names are Nichole and Olivia a mom and daughter, guess the past weeks Sunday they showed up after all the meetings when pretty much everyone was gone and wanted to learn about the church. So we got a hold of them on Saturday and they seem pretty legit. Nichole used to be a Methodist years ago but do to a very unpleasant marriage she kinda fell out of it and now years later has a re interest in church, and so her father who I guess is a former investigator said why don't you try this one, and so they did :3. Man we are a bit disappointed though. We were supposed to have like ten gators at church yesterday and then none of them showed up... It was the weirdest thing ya know? E only Spanish member there was sister Valentina so there wasn't even a Spanish Sunday school class which hasn't happened at least of my knowing for the first time I've been here. Welp that's about the most major news I can think of at the moment.

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