Monday, August 25, 2014

Side step over, B-Day, Long Exchange feeling :3

So, I see that you saw on Facebook, I put down that I now live in Easton Maryland, so that's good, was hoping that would happen :D. So don't have any worries about letters or packages cause I'm still in the same district and everything... this past transfer was a wacky one but I'll get to that in just a second. Things are going pretty well here. Easton is extremely nice my goodness I feel like I went a generation back or two when nice things were still being made for little towns such as this one ;). Its really weird too cause we have a ton of tourist towns within this area so I kinda feel like I'm in Moab again from time to time but instead of red dirt shirts and bike shops its crab cakes and sea related things :P. So not quite as good but we'll give it an A-. Also, this area is probably the second largest area in the mission since I guess a couple months ago it used to be two but then got absorbed and its just this big ol thing that covers the entire Delaware peninsula. Seaford being within the top five as well :P. So now that the scatter brain has kicked in lets see where the best place to start things would be... I guess Tuesday since that's where all of the craziness began. So before transfers even happened, on our way up to them, Leavitt and myself got caught in the midst of a closed down road that we looped through two or three times before we finally figured out how to get past that point and move on with our little road trip. My goodness I've never seen him so stressed, but that's ok cause we still made it relativily on time. But about a two hour trip got turned into a three hour trip so luckily we were able to leave a little bit earlier than normal :P. Transfers was really weird and when I say that I mean there were some very out of the ordinary things happening there this time. A Spanish tripod, two missionaries who had served with each other twice before becoming companions again and then like myself just making a mere sidestep in the district which like never happens hahaha. So, I'm with Elder Ballif now, who is pretty sweet. The only unfortunate thing is that I didn't have the area book for this area for three days so it felt like a ridiculously long exchange for me and still kinda does at some points since Seaford is just right there and I used to visit this area from time to time. This area is a bit slow at the moment but no where near like Seaford was just two months ago, my goodness its changed so much. ). Gosh I'm trying to think about what to report this week since most of the time poor Elder Ballif has been carrying me everywhere since I didn't have an area book. Anyway, Ballif has lost about fifty pounds on the mission which is pretty awesome but I am a bit worried about him since his diet seems to consist of grits and rice on a regular basis when we don't have meal appointments and such. Is a big fan of the Brat Diet I guess. Any who we have a lot in common which is pretty sweet. Debate, games, band, referencing everything all come into play here and its been pretty sweet thus far. He's also helped me to kick the 10:30 bad habbit of mine so we'll see how long of a streak I can hold for that one cause I'm almost a week through with being to bed on time hahaha, not like me at all right ;)? Thanks so much for all of the birthday gifts and wishes. They were really nice and very much needed. Especially the pants I was in pretty big need of them since I haven't been able to get to a dry cleaners yet to get my gray suit pants hemmed back up along with my black pants. So the Cambridge Branch is a bit of a peculiar branch. Probably the best way to describe it is that its a bit different. From what Elder Ballif has told me is that they really don't have the want to grow along with the fact that the big reason this branch exists is do to our ward mission leader who pretty much created and brought everyone into this branch. He however would like to see some more growth so we will have to get this area on fire too! Cambridge is the last branch in the Dover Stake and we had a man by the name of Brother Victory come in yesterday who is on the Stake Presidency and you can tell that his eyes are targeting Cambridge like non other. He wants to see full wards as a listing for this stake :D. He gave an epic talk yesterday too which isn't something I say very often besides when it comes to conference. We've got some potential coming up. Not too much happened this week in terms of reporting. I was offered a prosthetic leg by a man who is married to a member which I might actually receive this week haha. I told him I had the thought of going into prosthetics and he just right then and there was like ya want one? I got one in the shed from an old buddy of mine and if you want it you can have it.... Made of titanium too...

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