Monday, August 11, 2014

Days of our Mission Lives

Ya a bit of a ridiculousness title but I thought it would be pretty fun to change it up a bit :3. So let's see here. I don't remember to much which is the interesting part but I was gone a lot... Like a lot a lot... Anyways on with the story ;). So let's see here, on Monday we only had one lesson and that was with a Hispanic mom and son who we've met with before. According to elder Leavitt this was not one of his crowning moments, lesson wise, on the mission cause the entire time I was sittig there thinking it was going good, I guess this plan of salvation jumped from almost every point imaginable. We are seeing them tomorrow along with the young men so I guess it wasn't too bad ;). Tuesday was work a holic day. We first went and mowed sister Valentina's yard which was extremely thick and somewhat wet, but we got er done. To then go all the way down to Laurel to do yard work for sister Williams, cause things are getting over grown again. Man it was a sweltering humid day that day too, and with only Bridgeville to go to next we really didn't get a shower, so it was just all kinds of nasty. We saw the Bassfords that day too and they are Doing well. We have some word of wisdom problems to fix but it'll be alright. I shaved my head this week as well and got it a bit shorter than I would have liked it to have been, but trust you me, I ain't scotch taping it back up there ;). Wednesday I went on exchanges with the Cambridge elders for the first time. With a Mr. Elder Balliff. Really cool guy and a lot of fun to be around. He also knows his comic strips so we had a good little geek end out chat about that :D. We went to go and see a man named Tyrone who they didn't imagine having much potential since he told them that and just wanted help with family history but his internet was down and he's a talker (like everyone in this area my goodness) so we sat down, had a chat and he said he might be Mormon at some point haha. Strange things on the mission :3. After that, not too much happened, I started a new game with the missionaries called describe your perfect woman and down to hobbies and everything ya know? Seems to have been a big hit with Elder Balliff cause he told Elder Smith about it and Elder Smith knew just the friend that matched Balliffs description lol. Thursday we had zone conference which was good but ima stick to watching the comments roll in cause I felt like a bit of a dope this time around :/. We had a workshop where they were like express some of your finding ideas and think outside the box, we are going to make a list... And then they generalized everything to topics and if ya repeated anything that resembled anyone of the prescribed topics they would point to it and act as if it was null and void already... >.<. We got some more rules and restrictions :/. Oh bugger I won't bore ya with them lol :P. I'm just a bit confused why they keep tying down rope. All our appointments cancelled that day which was nasty. I found out that night though that Elder Smith wouldn't be able to do exchanges next week so it was changed then and there to the next day. I also made the mistake of telling Leavitt that Balliff speaks a bit of Spanish so off I went lol. Smith is awesome and I'm super sad that he will be going. I've served around him the most out of anyone thus far. We met a jerk of an atheist who I guess they had run into before at the library, but at the door Smith told me once he saw who it was when he answered was like aw crap hahaha. Very depressed looking angry man that we even looked in his direction, kinda poor sappy thing. His loss. Oh I should probably mention this. BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! Her name is Caitlyn, is fifteen and her Mom is a member who used to be less active thus not being a member but I guess she finally said she's ready to be baptized. So we went over this Sunday and reviewed all of the lessons... All of them... Except for fasting so thbtbtbtbt :P better luck next time. Her interview is this Thursday so we shall see how things go :). Sorry this email is so late. We had a service project that started at 8:30 this morning and then we got off at 3:45 lol.

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