Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So this was a pretty good week, was pretty dang good, but for whatever reason my head seems to be pulling a blank on quite a bit of it :P. So you'll have to bear with me as ye old pistons upstairs try to warm up and get my memory moving. Anyways, on Monday I may have already told ya this, but we were looking for a potential when we knocked on the door it wasn't the man we were looking for and the man only spoke Spanish (zebra power!) so we went in and talked with him a bit. His name is Saul, has lived in the U.S. For about a month now and has run into missionaries twice since then and said, 'must be for a reason ', hahaha :3 We were supposed to meet with him again yesterday but it would seem that he forgot but like all missionaries we will be following up again here ;). On Tuesday we were up in Georgetown and my goodness a lot of the earlier week has been raining cats and dogs around here. The rain left some huge poodles :3. Elder Leavitt taught a family who has been taught by the previous Spanish elders for some time now and we will probably be dropping them since they know it's true but the catholic religion tradition is stingy :P. David and Roberto are doing alright. We aren't sure of Roberto's comprehension level though, since we got him a Haitian Book of Mormon and he still doesn't really pick up much from it besides don't disturb god? David is a kid so it's expected but we are trying to do some new methods to get him interested since he's the one who sent the referral in the first place lol. Richard fell again this week do to his sugar dropping on him :(. He was in a lot of pain and wasn't feeling to good. We shared with him the good things to come video since he feels that things seem to just be getting worse and worse for him ever since he bought land in South Carolina. He felt better after we showed it to him which we were glad to see. So on Friday, early in the morning, we were notified that we more than likely will be moving to Georgetown XP. Not good not good! Though Georgetown is more center, it is also farther away from everything besides Millsboro, which means we will have to use more miles that we don't have to get around this already bulky area. I don't want to be a thorn in Presidents side but I do want to at least bring this up to him. The area over here finally has life in it and we can reach all the places that have work using less miles here and I don't want to see it crumble ya know :(? I know I personally don't want to move either but that I'll just have to get over if we do. Elder Leavitt thinks it's a lost cause to try but I'm tired of never saying or doing something when I had the chance even if there's a small likely hood of it doing anything. Am I doing an ok thing? We had a pretty cool experience while we were in Georgtown on Friday. Our appointment cancelled with a recent convert so we went over to this section living complex to look for some people. Elder Leavitt talked with a guy working on a van and when he gave him a Book of Mormon, he was like for me? It's free? Thank you Jesus! It was the funniest thing. Apparently he was asking elder Leavitt who the Mexican was... Implying me lol. Saturday was pretty ruff. We had to go down to Salisbury Maryland to have our oil changed at pepboys. We had an appoint,eat schedualed at 11, we got there early, and we left at 3:15... Bleck lol. Kinda did a lot of Facebook but not really, for myself no one ever seems to be on. On the way home elder Leavitt was extremely tired of the junk we went through that day and I guess I offended him when he couldn't tell where the gps wanted him to go and I brought up that I was the junior comp. and my job was to just handle the phone :P. We didn't talk for a bit on the way home lol. We got in contact with a homebound man this week who Whitney and I had thought moved since someone told us that. His name is Keith and he's on an oxygen machine that doesn't allow him to get to church, he wasn't to happy about the reason why we hadn't been by in a while :P. Yesterday was pretty sweet. For the past three months Whitney and I had tried to get a hold of two formers who were really close to baptism last year and from what a former elder told us is that they know it's true. I guess what was going on is that they just had to quit smoking which she did and he was working on but he got tired of it being the only conversation members would bring up to him so they took a bit of a break, we'll be with them again tomorrow :D. So that's how the week went thus far.

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