Monday, July 14, 2014


So ya thats an interesting title to put for an email but I'll reach all of those points real quick here and translate their meanings for ya :3. As I already told ya I am now in a zebra companionship with Elder Leavitt. If the Leavitts there came from a poligamist from yonders past storys then yes they are related in some sort of distant fromat hahaha. So that was Tuesday of course and I must say that transfers are one of the roughest part of the mission for myself since I would actually rather see some people stay around for awhile but it would seem that the 80's style mission as Richard Darling put it has all but left for the backyard :3. He's good though and a really nice guy. It's going to take me a bit to be up to par since as we both know Elder Whitney got really relaxed this past transfer and there are a few things that your never sure how a missionary is going to interpret or do compared to the last. Anyways, moving on, things have started off with a bang and he and I have a goal to get both sets of missionaries down here again within the next two transfers, we hope. Mainly the English side just needs to pick back up (which is explain in a moment) so that the need for two sets is viable again here. So Elder Leavitt is almost a replica of Brennan which I find very funny. Unique in his own way yes, but very closely related, at least in my opinion. If he lost about five inches, dyed his hair blonde, and used the phrase "what what" and tossed his head back when he laughed he would almost be an identicle twin :P. He's been out fourteen months and from what I've been told he is really good at getting areas going so we shall see if I can keep up with him lol. Spanish lessons so far, I just mainly take up space but he's teaching me to read Spanish which is actually pretty easy, but on the speaking part of things I don't really get foreign languages, at least for the moment that is. One thing that I've been working on is the game of endurance this week. I probably told ya this already but sleep doesn't seem to work out for me and I hate mornings lol. It's also put a lot of stress on me along with transfers and everything, so I've had to beat my head over a wall again to get thoughts out :P. Just keep chugging along. I am also excited to say that we have some English work going on for once. Roberto and David who are Dad and Son and are both Hatian. I don't know if I exactly know their interest level but we will find out. Leavitt and I had a bit of a disagreement on how the lesson should have gone with them. It just seemed a little bit stiff to me since we didn't even get to know them really and just went down the blocks of preach my gospel. Don't get me wrong, the systems been tried and tested and works fine cause we wouldn't have it otherwise but we didn't really ask any questions that would make them think or give em' an interest though. Just heres this, heres that, and will you be baptized? I know I need to do better at inviting people to be baptized on the first lesson but in this case scenario I didn't feel the vibe. Then again maybe I'm doing it wrong, cause he has a good track record but yet I don't know ya know? It bugs the heck out of me and I don't like it. Moving on I guess. So Spanish side of things is going well from what I can tell. They talk so fast and I literally don't have any idea whats going on in those lessons lol. Just get told afterwards that ya know we have Miguell and Elena who will be baptized once they have their marriage license, which will be cool. We also picked up someone who might be an ex Mormon but we shall find out. Got a random call yesterday from a Cynthia saying she wanted to be baptized. Didn't have a male with us so we didn't get to know her to well but she said she was a Mormon in the 1990's and then a few events happened and now she wants to get back into it before the second coming happens. We'll see how this goes :). Yesterday I saved another baby robin... I hope lol. Cause there was this big ol' knot in a tree ya know and well I finally caught him and put him in but when I did so it was no longer visible so I hope the knot hole didn't just have a big ol' hole in it as well lol. Richard is doing well. Just got out of the hospital for a weeks worth of time in there and is as stubborn and fun as he always is. Got some things to work with him on of course. And last but not least is the last subject on the title to this email home. So just sitting at home around nine thirty ish at night, Leavitt and I are talking when I feel something on the back of my neck. Thought it was a piece of dirt ya know, well I pull a little bit and then a bit more and with a bit of pain and a tiny click as it hit the table I realized that I somehow had a tick on me?! And I was like what the heck, how did that get there? And its holding a chunk of skin in its mouth and I kinda freak out thinking there might be more on me lol. Well I'm clear as far as I can tell but I have no idea how long that suckers been there and I made sure it still had its head and wasn't still in me XP. Super gross little thing, burned that sucker alive once I made sure it still had its head... I think it did at least. But anyways if I have lime disease I'll see ya a little sooner than I had expected :P. Don't worry I don't have plans on coming home anytime soon at all lol. I love you guys and am glad to hear that y'all had a fun time this past week. Last things I have to say is I don't know if ya remember the band I was getting into before the mission the Gorillaz but with Dad's eye and all it almost looks like he has an eight ball fracture like 2D from the Gorillaz lol. Sorry but it does :3. I hope it gets better soon!

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