Monday, April 14, 2014


So this past week was a bit crazy but yet really good. Ricky's sister
died unfortunately and doesn't have the funds to pay for a burial or a
cremation so yesterday she asked president Degner if he could help at
all and at the moment there is a bit of help but not to much but we
will see how things go in the near future. However the good news is
that we taught the plan of salvation which both Bill and Ricky loved
and they also came to church yesterday and they both loved it a lot.
Ricky says she loved how sweet the service was, how nice everyone is
and how happy they are as well as no one randomly just screams during
church :3... Guess that's how her old church expressed the Gospel lol.
Bill got along real well too and says that this is the church he wants
to join. It was pretty sweet.
Not only did Bill and Ricky show up but Frank and Michael Gabbet
showed up as well. Now news on Frank is that I told you we had him at
conference last week and then on Wednesday went to see him. At
conference he was only 3 pages in the Book of Mormon. On Wednesday he
was in Mosiah and said that this is the first time that he has ever
found something in a religion that seems to fit the missing piece
which is super awesome. He talked about how he wants to go on a
mission and everything... And he took this real well but we broke the
news that we would have to get special permission to baptize him and
then if that happens he's twenty six now and they don't allow males
twenty seven and up back on a mission till they are married. He
thought that was cool lol.
Now to blow off some steam and get back into good stuff I had my first
baptist encounters last week. And to say the least those are the
hardest encounters cause they don't allow you to say anything and if
they do, it's wrong cause that's not how they interpret it.
I do love however the tract paper one of them gave me. First
paragraph, please don't take this tract as an insult but we are here
to tell you that God loves you and that you are on a path to be burned
forever and ever... Pretty ridiculous right? I don't get it either, by
all baptist beliefs if you believe in Christ your saved... So why do
they bother every other Christian? We is all saved if that's just it
I sat by Michael Gabbet at church yesterday and it was super funny. He
leans over to me half way through and he's like ya wanna know
something? I ask what and he says, the last time that I was here
everyone was Cambodian! He got me smiling good.

So I guess last up in news is that I'm being transferred :(. I learned
that Friday night and I've been a bit heart broken by that. I know it's part of the process and such and I'll know Tuesday morning where I'm off to which I'll let ya know as events

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