Monday, April 21, 2014

Long Green

So for those wondering about Dela...Where? Here is the first thing that is probably the most prominent thing about it... Its very green... As is Maryland as well. Long expanses of farmland and green terrain thats flatter than all get out, driving me nuts that nothing stands taller than three stories at the most lol.
But ya, grass out here is considered a weed pretty much. Dont have to water it, take care of it besides mowing it, it litterally just grows and it is everywhere around here. Anyone whos been out here their whole life and then decided to move out west would probably be in a culture shock if they saw a sprinkling system. Be like what is this Witch Craft?
So Seaford Delaware is about an hour and a half to two hours away from Philly and is very flat with a ton of farm land. The Northern tip of Delaware is about the same in population density but once you hit Dover Delaware things just become extremely spread out and looks nothing like the rest of the East Cost.
Below Dover there are LSD problems, or in our case Lower Slower Delaware problems :3. Which means everything is way more laid back and not much happens past the Dover city limits. I can litterally say that Ive probably only seen about fifteen people outside of there houses and seven of those not in there yard, everyone else is in a car going somewhere else lol.
So transfers happened on Tuesday and I am now with Elder Whitney. Do to my personal problems things started off slow but now we are doing pretty darn well together as a companionship. He's into Games and Cars and plans on being a Mechanic when he gets back from the mission this September. I tell ya I've only known three missionaries that wont be dead within the next eight to nine months and two for a year.
We are in a car area, which I must say at the moment, I've found not to be as exciting as some missionaries like to put out there about cars lol. I would much rather be out and about on the streets talking with people who are right off my front door step, but cant get your way everytime I guess ;). Cars create to much down time and thinking time.
We were both doubled into this area so that makes it my second time and also included in that is that this is my second time being doubled into whats know as a dying area. I didn't know this before transfers but Seaford has had a reputation of not much going on down here which we found out really quick when our area books updated the second day we were here.
The area book here has also been kept terribly for forever! They had people on the progressing list that hadn't been taught in a year and everything was just a mess. Elder Whitney and I have a lot of clean up work and we haven't even dented it. Whats even more annoying is the huge list of potentials that are given. Missionaries got despret or something down here cause this is my favorite discription thus far... "Big Black Guy."... Right?
Oh well, anyways not much in terms of work has happened in the past week. Just trying to get everything cleaned up and such. We did however finally come across an eternal last night who will be baptized, but its going to take about a year since thats when he will be married to his fiance. Been taught everything, at the least seven times and knows it all, we are here to just keep him going lol.

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