Monday, October 19, 2015

Walkin Horse, Greenie Moment, Can't Reach+Blue Eyes=Sky=God?

So apparently I represent God... I will explain this towards the end of my letter but I felt that everyone should know that though I was threatened for the first time on the mission, that I was not harmed since I represent God... Not in the black name tag way either. So our adventure doesn't really start until about Tuesday since Smilly packed the whole day but thats alright I guess. On our way down to transfers since we didn't have a car of our own we all crammed into a nicely compacted 2012 Ford Fusion and the only thing visible of my petite companion was the top of his hair as suitcases and boxes separated us. So my new companion is Elder Kester. He is from Lehi Utah and has been out for almost five months now which is good. Though he isn't the Golden that I had requested he has enough fresh blood in him to help keep me going over the next few weeks and I am excited to see what we can do together. Tuesday night we were able to see the 8:45 miracle we had about two weeks ago for the first time. Her name is Melissa and she is quite the hoot. She's been to a ton of churches throughout her life and most recently for the past 8 years has been a Jehovah's Witness but after all of the cancelled birthdays and having to sneak Christmas presents to her Grand Kids behind the churches, cough I mean Bible Scholars backs, she finally decided that a lot of their stuff didn't really make sense. We weren't able to share with her the Restoration that night, since our member present gave her a 13 articles of faith card, but in my personal opinion that was probably the best thing to happen that night. She loves #2, by the way, since it never made sense to her why we were punished due to someone else sinning. She stated that she just wanted to do this since it would be informational to her rather than to convert, but I get the feeling that if we can get her into the reading she won't mind reconsidering, if ya know what I mean ;)! Wednesday we had a pretty well empty day but with no car it didn't work out to badly for us. We began the day by just street contacting within Easton where I flubbed up pretty hard when I tried to use the Book of Mormon as a finding tool. It was a true Green Missionary moment at its finest as I talked with a lady named Evet, but the mission has taught me quite a bit that those can actually be the best of experiences since God makes up for what we lack. I was super surprised when she accepted the Book of Mormon and asked a few more questions but a darn bus arrival kept us from getting her address and number so I guess we were just meant to plant a seed. That day we even walked all of the way to Phillipsberg but don't worry, unlike one of my past experiences with a certain companion we knocked more than just three doors this time ;)! As we tracted around within a neighborhood, when I felt we should go and knock a door back up the street from where we came. We hadn't knocked it since I like to just go down one side of a street usually but going with it we met a lady named Shannon who came right out and sat down to talk with us as she busily tossed a baby from arm to arm (he was a heavy sucker). She used to live in Vegas and knew a lot of Mormons but had never looked at the book so we gave her one and allowed her to get back to her other kids :D! Later that evening we would also see Debra which is always awesome. We finally finished the last half of the Plan of Salvation which she loved and we asked her to set a goal to make it to the temple. No specific date yet but I am hoping that we can have her ready for the New York trip in December if not sooner, woot! Also the ward stated that they would like to count her as reactivated which is sweet however she still needs a review on a few things so we will continue to work with her. Thursday didn't have to many things going on for us besides giving a district meeting and having an appointment with Brother Emmons. District Meeting was good but the Scriptural apples to apples game didn't work out the best, but I'm fine with that, it was supposed to be a test run. Brother Emmons was pretty happy that my past companion was gone. I had always wondered why he was so anti social when we visited but apparently my companion had offended most of his family :/.... Smilly... Not to much Friday, besides Brother Adams like usual and getting our car back. Saturday however holds and interesting note. As we were trying to scout out and see how the South Side of Easton worked out for street contacting (it didn't), we had an interesting experience. While looking to cross a street there was this extremely nice car approaching but waiting at least 25 yards back from a stop sign for us to cross. Weird right? But we crossed when suddenly he zoomed to our side of the street and this Hispanic guy gets out and starts to bash with us in pretty good English, but it was apparent that he didn't have the vocabulary that he wanted for the occasion. He got angry with me saying "I understand" and always referring to him as sir and kept threatening to drop me! But not on "black top but grass" he stated. He also kept putting his arm up as if to measure and saying that because he couldn't reach he couldn't strangle me... I just stopped talking at this point since everything made him angry and I was just getting ready to hit and run when he suddenly gets in his car and begins to drive... to then stop and get out again, do mostly the same thing, but state that the reason he can't hurt me is due to not being able to reach and that "You have blue eyes, which represents sky, which is like God since God is in Sky. Can sky come down here? No..." Make sense of it if ya want but I'm to tired. Well the last up in news is that we found another Less active family to work with. We had heard the name tossed around and I had looked them up but couldn't really make any sense as to why they were less active. So after a failed phone call we showed up Saturday to be asked to come back the next day since their baby might have just gotten a concussion. So we did and they are a super cool family. The Garrido's. The wife is a talker but we were able to get all of the info we needed. She said that it was a sign to come back since she was debating to change jobs which would allow her to come to church and then when she got our message she knew what she needed to do. Her husband on the other hand is going to be a bit tricky. Can't tell if he has been antied or just needs a good push, guess we shall see. Well I'll see y'all later. The weather is cold and due to a mission trip to the restoration sight tomorrow I can only email till about 2 today before they are having us out again. See Ya!

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