Monday, October 12, 2015

Gabbin Gabbers, Potential Energy, Sick Dog Days and Nasal Cavity Experiences

Well the transfer calls have come and I feel relieved to say that this one will be staying here rather than having to figure out how to pack away all of his junk. Quite gratifying and with the end of the transfer I now have a new sense of energy... Most likely due to mostly getting over being sick but hey it works either way. So as it would go I would like to report on our the weekly events but I will keep them short and simple since that is what they were. Tuesday was a strange day. Busy but super strange with how it worked out. We weren't able to find a male to see our one investigator Jean Johnston at the park and without a guy our mission has moved in the direction that you can't have outdoor public lessons anymore. So we were just going to say hi check up on her and move along but quickly it became more than it was supposed to :/. We then moved onto a new Less Active of ours and his name is Daniel. Mid twenties and has been a convert for about five years now. Super cool guy but apparently also nerdy since before being hit by a semi truck he used to go out LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) for fantasy stuff and what not. We quickly came to the conclusion that there were two things we needed to take note of here. One is to help him have more of a spiritual conversion rather than just analytically. Two is he can jab and jab forever. But it didn't stop there... We went to Brother Adams and the same experience occurred while Devils Due played in the background­čîŐ... I don't like it. We then went to another new Less Active of ours Susan. She's been less active for some time with no detail as to why besides the fact that she said a total of fifteen words the whole time while her nonmember husband talked and talked for the entire time while we waited... We never had the chance to give the lesson... So we then go to Sister Timari who has been my ray of sunshine here. We had an older couple with us named the Smiths who are great members... And though there was a lesson one could relate the entire experience to a pinball machine with little people inside trying to dodge the steel balls. Not much happened till Thursday in which was the day that I started to get sick but by and by I was fine to work. The big news however was at our dinner appointment when my comps. stomach for whatever reason didn't really agree with something and then decided to release itself from bondage back to the dinner table. Memories! By the time Friday came I wasn't so up to snuff but pressed on as we met with Debra later that night. She had bought a dress and was super excited to be coming to church! We had a strange lesson mixed with relating the scriptures to ourselves as well as the restoration, to then go back to relating the scriptures to ourselves as my comp. explained to Debra how she needed to "Slay!" Her wicked self. Interesting. Saturday I finally went out of commission since my head was to the point where light made me cry since it was so stuffed and ache. But never the less I am still yet to miss a full day and later that night after feeling a bit better we went out and though no success I bought this strange bottle of sinus cleanser and might I say that it was probably one of the weirdest sensation I have felt. Gave me a huge headache that night but by the time the next morning I was pretty well all cleared out! That's about all of the news I have, I will be getting a new comp tomorrow and I am now the imposing Relief Society President (district is made of all sisters) so we shall see how it all goes down :D. I love ya and wish ya the best. Also Debra came to church!

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