Monday, October 5, 2015

Hard Pressed, Golden Shepards, Pointed Aurguments and Name Slandering, Scar

So we had some really good things his week but for the most part we had a pretty dang ruff time trying to accomplish all of the things that we needed and wanted to do. Just another one of those weeks where you have plans to conquer the world but the world just didn't feel like it.... So mostly it all fell through. So Monday we went through all of the drama of my companion being sick but don't worry cause it continued from there ;). Tuesday we had zone conference which was a blast and a half. I got to see Elder Litton an old Comp. of mine one last time before he takes his daring flight back into the real world so for the time being I just sat in nostalgia since my boy Elder Crowthers was there as well. Not only good friends and tidings but our mission was finally nailed with the black boxes known as Tiwi.... He has a very creepy voice and though he was worked up to being more obnoxious than he actually is I still have to question myself how he deems our church parking lot to be a speed limit of only 5 to 10 miles per hour and barks at me for going a mear 15 :/. All nostalgia aside I'll move on with the week. Wednesday due to me having never reset the GPS "Home" Function my companion and I wandered probably about ten miles into what is probably the New Jersey Trenton Mission before realizing our mistake and then proceeded to drive on some sketchy roads and go over a few hills known as Appellations.... Thursday we had our first lesson with a semi active lady named Sister Loma. The biggest reason we were there is that one of the Bishopric members suggested we start to work with her son and to just help Sister Loma with spiritual things. We had a good time and met some gorgeous looking dogs that looked like small wolves known as Golden Shepard's. All was well until we reached a point where we realized that Sister Loma is fully active in heart but can't always make it to church and that we should have probably talked with her a bit more about whether or not she wanted us to work with her son. No offenses and no arguments I just received a look of "what are you up to" from her when I issued a Book of Mormon challenge :/. Oh well, she's feeding us and I think we will probably be done there haha. Friday I dragged my companion through weekly planning as we received rain from a distant hurricane but not much else. Saturday then picked up with the conference grind which was awesome. I put my votes on Eyring, Bednar, and Uchtdorf (of course!) for the whole thing. And though cold I still fought the sweater weather as we went to see Debra. She is my favorite and we have had so many spiritual experiences in her house it's quite amazing. Just a simple lesson on scripture study and prayer but good non the less. She will be reactivated soon! And then for our day of Sunday.... Pretty well sick of how the week had gone and that I now have to wear a sweater though it's still in that awkward stage of "too hot but not" (thank goodness for sweater vests!). I made a promise that I'd work a bit extra so that we could get a new investigator or lesson in. Well after a couple of door slams and an Indian Lady scared half to death when I waved through the car window at her husband we finally knocked the right door! Her name is Melissa and she was a bit interesting but she seems pretty Golden to me! Her father was a Mormon but died when she was little and never learned much about it. Has been through tons of churches and used to study with the JW's but found it all exhausting and kinda gave up on finding the one church. Has done a lot of family history and we asked her if she would at least give us one shot at a lesson she said she would love it. Took a Book of Mormon and we are now going back this Friday woot! Well that's about it besides small arguments about picking Brian back up while yet Brian called us and had small arguments with us I think it was finally clear for my companion when Brian knock named him Elder Snotler. Brian's been leaving obnoxious voicemails but what can ya do?

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