Monday, October 26, 2015

Priesthood Power!, Such Friday's

Well my dear friends and family members, another week has come to pass and a new one has been set forth for adventures of a new and different kind! They better come since my very new and also quite young zone leaders seem to feel it their duty to let me know how things are supposed to be run around here -.- (squinty face). I love advice but please come on... I have more time on the mission than both combined. I'm working on my old missionary pride but in the mean time I'll let you know what has been up this past week. Monday we had some tracting going on around these parts as I looked for a smiley individual who said good morning to us days before. I never found that person but on the other hand we had one of those awkward moments where we knocked on the door just as the man himself pulled up on the road and then proceeded towards us and his dwelling place. His name is Mike and was obviously a native African due to his accent. He loved the conviction we had as we told him what we do. Said we could come back, but as of the moment, it would seem that he is now ignoring our calls and is never home... I'm getting tired of this haha. So we shall move onto the more exciting news of the week and that was our trip to the Priesthood Restoration Site on Tuesday. It was amazing. The trip there was beautiful with all of the trees changing color out here as well, so it was stellar. I have plenty of pictures to send, but yes it was awesome! The chapel there is a bit on the small side but on the other hand it is quite unique and the front wall is situated with stained glass which I wish we did more of in our other chapels. We sang hymns and learned about the sight as we were also taught a few principles from the leaders there. It was a very spiritual experience and I would greatly recommend the visit! Went down to the Susquehanna river and then to the re-made houses of Joseph and Emma's home as well as Emma's fathers home. It would have been a whole lot better had I been in a different group. The group I was in seemed to feel obligated to touch and move stuff as they felt, which was annoying so I stayed towards the rear to soak it all in. It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences that I have had on the mission. We got home later in the evening, just in time to go to Melissa's for our second visit with her but as we approached the door she came out and told us that she no longer wanted to meet us and that she agreed with somethings but other things urked her. She gave us no time to ask what it was either but that is that. Wednesday we saw the Elderly and reset our time to see them on Sunday's from now on. We were also able to see our new investigator Trey and we had a good time with him. We talked about the Holy Ghost with him and after that discussion we asked him to be baptized. He told us that he wants to wait a bit longer so that he knows for sure that it is true so we will let him work on his own time line. We saw Debra twice this week and she came to church so I guess she is now a full fledged reactivated member but we still have things we need to work on there. She is so awesome and she had a great trip down to Florida this past week. Our main thing now is to help her quit smoking so that she can then go to the temple in about two months if not sooner. Thursday didn't have to much going on besides district meeting as the zone leaders hovered. It went alright and I shall now skip over to Friday. It was one of those days that you have a lot to do and then suddenly one thing gets you behind so thus it translates to everything else as well. We went and saw a new Recent Convert who moved into the ward named Laura. She is from Staten Island, New York and is now living with a friend and her kids. Such a fun lady and the four kids were cute as can be while the big ol' dog roamed around saying hi to his new visitors while showing off an injury where you could actually see the muscles move yeck! Well that's about where this past week winds up. I'll catch y'all later and wish ya the best! Love, Macrae

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