Monday, September 28, 2015

Small Treasures, Families with Benefits, Another One Down Another One Down Another one bites the dust

So I'm not to sure why, but I had the strange compulsion to add as many people as I could think of in this weeks email. Must be some old dying missionary trait and though I'm not sure that I'll continue with it I might as well make the most of it this week. So we got to begin our week with a really awesome spiritual experience, this past week. We found an older woman who hadn't been to church in ages my first week here, but she never held the return appointment we had... Until Monday last week. Her name is Debra and has been a convert for about four or five years but has also been less active for about half of that time. We were having a lesson about the temple and how families can be together for ever when we then asked her where she found her conversion to the gospel while investigating. Oh those few but precious moments on my mission where everything in the room just goes dead silent while the spirit opens the front door without permission (thank goodness ;) ) and flooded the room. She received her witness from the Book of Enos which was a first for me but now looking upon it that is probably one of the most amazing stories that we tend to gloss over. She stated that she was done running from God and wanted to come back. We would see her Friday night as well, talking about the Plan of Salvation and Atonement. Went to the woman's conference and apparently loved it (always wondered what happens in those meetings), but unfortunately over slept for church. I have high hopes for her ;)! Tuesday I was on exchanges with what we know as the "training Elders" who go around teaching the younger missionaries how to plan and what not do to their increased size as of late (little yuppies) and though I'm not young I requested them since I knew they had some great thoughts and my comp. was in a bit of a need for them. I was with Elder Long, an old mission buddy of mine, and we had a pretty successful day. He has served here before so we were able to do some work with a past individual of his who is once again investigating and give two blessings. We were also blessed to meet half of our goal to work with two families by the end of this transfer. This happened last Sunday night when through a very inaudible conversation a man from Tennessee with a thick Asian accent asked us to give his sister a blessing for her surgery. We went Tuesday afternoon to find that this sister and her husband have been inactive church members for about 20 years and have an un baptized daughter. They are Mark and Carolina and are such sweet people. Originally from the Philippines and are looking to come back! So missionary lingo that means a less active lesson, other lesson for the daughter, and free food, since that's part of their culture :3! We would find out later in the week that her surgery went very well and actually ended up taking only 2 hours rather than the 4 prescribed to remove an eggplant sized tumor... Yeck! So I guess that the last two items of business from this week that a feel to make mention are that we ended up dropping our one investigator Brian this past week. He's one I've been a bit worried about since the beginning since in our area book his name popped up with a big ol' DNC and as we've gone over, it has been pretty apparent that he's got a few mental issues but we continued on anyways. Well Thursday we committed him to the Word of Wisdom to quit smoking which he had already been doing for three days and then came back Friday when he texted us he didn't want to investigate any more since we had too many rules. I'll explain the last half in a moment. Yesterday was a good but bummed out day at the same time. Had dinner with a member when we then received word from a less active neither of us had met wanted us over for dinner as well a half hour later (woof)! We went over and he was a pretty swell guy but within the first five minutes when we asked about his conversion he told us that we don't talk about church while at his home but that we relax... Oh boy. Well half a plate of spaghetti finished and a corn maze found later, we received a text that Brian wanted us over again... We go to Brian's last night and on the way there a member found us driving by and came along... I'll finish with this: It was a Dark and not so Stormy night when the missionaries approached and began to talk with Brian as said member tagged along. Brian's aggravation increased as missionaries discussed how their ex gangster missionary friend wouldn't be able to visit. Brian wouldn't allow anyone in his house to come out with us... Seeing the tension build said missionaries and member cut conversation short to leave as a slew of obscenities began there journey out of the black cave. The end. Well interesting, none the less we won't be going back though my comp seems to have some strange faddish that we still need to save this guy 0.o. I don't know, anyways hope all is well and I wish the best!

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