Monday, September 14, 2015

Black List Gator, Sister Talks A Lot, Of Christianity and Islam

We found out that we will be getting the much loathed and hated black boxes known as Tiwi, for our cars this month, so maybe it will be just enough to get me behind the wheel. For those who don't know these black boxes monitor everything that the car does and is known to be quite the pharisee as to how you should be driving the car. Guess we shall see. Anyways I will move on with this weeks events since I am pretty excited to tell about a few of the events. Not to much happened Monday night however on Tuesday we were able to go and see the Howlett family as well as the Adams family. The Howletts are an older family who were recently reactivated before I got here and are pretty fun. Brother Howlett defined himself as the biggest kid one will ever meet since his video game collection gives one of my best friends a run for his money as well as his old horror movie merchandise. Meanwhile his wife knits. We had a good lesson on scripture study however our main goal is to get them to the temple. Brother Adams was pretty sweet but I don't know much about him so I will leave it at that. Later that night we would receive a random call from a guy known as Brian and he wanted to start meeting with the missionary's again. We looked up his old record and were a bit sickened to see the DNC right next to his name (do not contact). I guess he flipped out on the missionaries in the past and ran them off of his porch when they stated that a British would not be able to return to teach him (he has a feddish for the UK). So with our running feet ready we decided to at least give him a try the very next day. He is a pretty cool guy though he is a bit interesting. I can't tell what all is working up stairs and where his interest truly lies but he knows quite a bit about church history and likes the Mormons over all, so I guess we will see what else we can do with him. We saw him again on Friday morning and went over the restoration. Wednesday night we went and saw the new Less active that we picked up the week before. Her name is Lori and is a super nice lady. The only problem is that with how nice she is it's also a bit hard to get her to stop talking and listen, haha. Never seem to run out of those on the mission I guess. More than likely I'll take a guess that it is a life time problem, I'll have to ask some one later on. We would see her as well on Sunday. Moving on to Saturday we went and got to do a service that I wasn't the most familiar with. We were able to clear out a garage so that we could then power wash it. Mind numbing I know but it was actually quite a bit of fun. The rain kept us from finishing which was a bit of a bummer since that meant we had to put all of the stuff back in on the undone half which ultimately means that we have to move it all back out again haha. We were also able to obtain three new investigator within one sitting a little later that day which was awesome. My first week here we did some tracting and found a girl named Izezza who said we could come back. And when we came back a girl named Devita answered and said that Izezza didn't live there. However she wanted to hear our message on Saturday. So we went over and met her and invited the other people there to come on in. Though unfortunatly the guy there didn't really want to come in we were able to meet with Devita, Izezza (she came back for a visit), and Izbeta. I got a little bamboozled at the beginning when we learned that they were all 18 and 19 (I was guessing that they were all 23ish). They are all from Seir Leon which is awesome and all are students. Two are Christian and the one is a Muslim but I take it from the fact that she didn't get all extra covered up when we arrived that it is like everyone else... Just the thing to do. They liked the idea of a modern day prophet, however they did express their concerns about false prophets and teachers so we gave the usual responses that they will know through the power of the holy ghost and by their fruits ye shall know them. I'm super excited for these three and I hope that we will be able to get Solmone in on the mix as well. Well that about wraps it up for this week. We received news that we have a pending referral for a family of ten so I am ecstatic for that! Guess we shall see but for now I'll see you later Space Cowboys!

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