Monday, September 7, 2015

Finishing Touches, Seat and Claw, Booby Trap..., Ghost Pepper Po

I have a few words... He shouldn't be allowed to drive! I'll explain this in a moment but first there are a few moments that we must attend to before the feature broadcast of my new area. Our final day together I packed my bags as Elder Maiava took either naps or talked to the occasional pop in of the Spanish Elders who hadn't finished there laundry. I had done perfectly fine with the transfer call until I had to start saying goodbye to our most consistent investigators later that night. Jachin was wondering why the heck I was leaving since Maiava had one and done all of his companions within Wilmington. That visit was short since he got home late from his track practice so we were then scurrying off to meet with Tiefa before the night was over. She hadn't completely quit smoking yet however she had been able to reduce it a lot to what I believe was only one cigarette every two to three days. Her date to be baptized is supposed to be next week so she better make it! I'm confident ;). Transfers came and I got to talk with President a little bit and he gave me some insights as to why he was moving me. He stated that the Stake President in Wilmington was making a big push to have mostly Sister Missionaries and that the area I was in would probably be replaced with sisters within the next few transfers. I can truthfully say that is not the best idea but to keep trust with the stakes and mission it has to be done. Not to mention the fact that the sisters who replaced me in west Philly were just replaced with Elders again... So I am now with an Elder Smilanich: ń S-mill-en-ich A small tiny Elder of about 5'7'' and what appears to be 130 LB's. Last name comes from Yugoslavia and by video game skill level I'd put his driving level at 5.2/1000. I've never been so scared out of my wits to ride with someone, my goodness! We have no designated driver so I'm talking with President in a few moments after this letter hahahaha... Eh... So I finally broke the Philadelphia line and am now in Easton PA. It's an interesting place. Besides Easton Maryland this is probably the whitest area that I have been but thankfully it's got a pretty even mix. There is a lot of work that needs to be done here so it's kinda what I was hoping for if this just so happens to be my last area ;). Get to do a lot of finding woof! So since I don't really have many people to report upon I guess I'll kinda lay out some of the interesting parts of this past week here. Thursday night I guess that the Elders Quorum a has a wing night every first Thursday of the month but only two other guys showed up to Buffalo Wild Wings so it was a quiet and mostly awkward night until the very end when I decided to try Elder Smilanich's ghost pepper wings which he himself had only managed to engulf one of a little bit at a time. Well due to peer pressure and plain stupidity I popped a whole sucker in my mouth and for about the first minute or so I was fine... And then it burned me...! I think it put my body in shock for the rest of the night but I'll continue on with our adventures. So while on the look out on Saturday night for some less actives we knocked on a door where we heard a muffle of a voice when suddenly the door opened a creak and a lady in the back ground said "come in!". Smilanich pushed the door open and we were greeted by a 250 LB topless woman who screamed "I thought you were my husband!". Thankfully she turned around before we had a sense of anything so we quickly slammed the door and stood there in shock for a moment. We were literally booby trapped! We would have success that night finding the less actives we had planned for thankfully. Saturday was pretty well completely filled with trying to find people. First two hours at the farmers market where I quickly found I was the only one attempting to find as we endlessly wandered around but we are working on that. Not to mention that this area is going to whip me good for street contacting ;)! Sunday included most of the same things however we went over into the jersey part of our area last night (finally checked that one off) and had some great success. Found a couple or brother and sister (better figure that one out quick) who we will be seeing tonight! We also knocked on a screen door where a pit bull invited himself out to say hi with the owner lady getting super angry stating that I had let him out -_-. Such rudeness. We would then find two less actives we will be seeing this week so it was a great night, woot! I love y'all!

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