Monday, September 21, 2015

Golden Dream Accomplished, Poor Car, Poor Missionary Celebration, Not Much...

Well today's letter will probably be a bit short but that's alright. I'll hopefully keep it sweet and snappy since there weren't to many events this past week. So Monday night we were able to meet with the Bishop for Dinner and have I guess what would be my first official family home evening night. It was pretty fun and I was pretty amazed by there 4 year old. He could read the scriptures at about a fourth grade level and was witty as all get out. Just one of those kids with a gift for the gab I guess. Tuesday was a bit of a long day since most of our appointments bailed on us so we decided to go and visit some investigators that I hadn't met before. The GPS gave us a location forever away and about 3/4ths of the way there my companion bailed out and was worried that we were going the wrong way. So we came all of the way back to Easton to find out that it was the correct address :P... So we made the decision that we still needed to go and see them. They own there own pizza restaurant known as "Johnathan's Pizza", she named it after her son. Her name is Margarita and is super nice however she is very busy with just a lot of difficult life matters and work so she wasn't able to talk to us for long but asked if we would like dinner there. Well after looking at the menu and what looked to be an appetizing "Johnathan Special" (he complains that he didn't pick a single ingredient) I decided to go for the long craved Stromboli which I've wanted since the beginning of my mission. Essentially its a pizza folded in thirds and loaded to the brim with cheese and other ingredients. So salty, but I can check it off of the list, woot! We would later teach Brian that night and set him up with a baptismal date for the 11th of October, however I am a bit worried about that since we also learned that he has social anxiety and so far hasn't really liked any of the members that we have brought over to help us teach :/. Wednesday we had our car inspected and what not so that it doesn't get a ticket and later on we would teach the Adams family about Patriarchal Blessings. They are a pretty cool family and are actually Elder Littons first converts so I'm glad to have a connection there. Such a crazy house though. It is a yours, mine, and not to sure if there is an ours yet, but it totals to be around 9 kids I believe. Crazy house but a lot of fun. Well, later that night after not having to much success we decided to go to one of the streets that we had planned out to tract but ran into a series of unfortunate events. My companion while pulling forward to retry parallel parking managed to scrape and swap paint with the car next to him as I waved my arms frantically and ran and slammed on the trunk to get his attention since he was still going. According to him he didn't hear a thing :/. Well we sent in the paperwork for that so I guess we shall see what ends up happening. We left a paper for the other car but luckily it seems that they didn't feel the need to call us. It was also Elder Smilanich's year mark that day but it seemed no matter what I tried to do for him that day a problem arose. Lunch? He ended up fasting... Brownies? No baking soda. Cookies? No baking powder. So I settled with toasting a ye old pop tart and placed a lit candle upon it which ended up working nicely for what we had... I would learn, a day later, that we had a box of brownie mix >.<. Thursday we had a strange district meeting where Smilanich did a fire and brimstone thing for the last thirty minutes on less actives. Different. Friday not much to report. Saturday: An appointment fell through so we went to Brian's with our member and witnessed forty five minutes of talking about movies since my comp said he had an idea :/.
Yesterday I guess the last events that I would like to report is that in my new goal to find a family we are now going to be doing a lot more tracting. And though we weren't able to find the family yet I got plenty of news on the Cowboys vs. Eagles games as we went down the line and actually began to use it in my finding. I plan to ask if we can come in and watch a bit and then do the ol' bait and switch if ya know what I mean ;).... Might backfire really hard though haha. We found a lady named Bonnie who was super excited to see us and she said that she loves churches that she can ask questions to so I guess we hit the mark pretty well there. Well I miss you all, got about 109 days left and counting and for you Justin maybe a little more ;) but I guess I'll talk to y'all next week! Love, Macrae

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