Monday, July 13, 2015

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!.... CAUSE IT ISN'T!, Quality VS Quantity?, Inflatable

So... Eighteen months down with about six months to go I guess. And with three friends off, with three to go over the next few weeks it can get kind of nostalgic out here... Oh well I'll get over it. Anyways Elder Murphy and myself treated ourselves to an awesome lesson with Edwin and then had a McFlurry before going home that night. So here is the grind of this past week. So on Monday we had a meal appointment where I probably consumed the greatest amount of "organic" food in my life. We had our worries when they asked us what we liked to which we responded with Italian and American food. Well response to response read that well my husband can make you guys that but I only eat "raw" foods....... Oh boy haha. Well the meal appointment went well and I love the family but the meat loaf was made of turkey which was strange and had the texture of tofu :P. Their rolls were grand however on the side they had something called "Ghee"? I think that is what it was called, which was supposed to be all natural save the Panda's kind of deal I don't know but it was supposed to taste like butter. Definitely didn't resemble the taste at all :P! But great family non the less ;). Tuesday was mostly spent in Pep Boys waiting on our tires to be rotated and replaced as well as going to the Ronald McDonald to do service which is always a nice activity to go do. I met another naturalist hippy there too which was disappointing since I thought I had left the greater part of that brute back in Moab but he rebuked me for using to much water when I was scrapping my dishes off after our lunch there. Needless to say it was water on goose feathers to me. Wednesday we had three appointments set up for the evening but unfortunately two of them cancelled. Now this has happened quite a bit the past couple of weeks being here which has been very annoying and depressing but thankfully Edwin held who was our last appointment for the night and like always it went super well. We read 2 Nephi 9 which talks a lot a bout the atonement, which he thoroughly enjoyed, so all thumbs up. Since we didn't have time to go get a real milk shake or water ice afterwards I treated Murphy to a McFlurry for our 18 month mark, woot! Thursday was a bit strange. Most of the district is made up of missionaries in the other Ward, however they had a ward temple trip to do baptisms for the dead which left us, a pair of sisters, and our Senior couple for district meeting, I myself would have enjoyed the trip to New York over district meeting haha. We were supposed to have service with one of the elderly people in our Ward directly after but we arrived and he wasn't there... However while waiting I watched and saw a cat poke my first Cicada multiple times before I saved it! Elder Murphy interviewed someone for baptism later that night and I was left in a trio with our sisters which was interesting to say the least but we then shipped out home so I was ok. Friday we did service for the mission but unfortunately there wasn't any cool driving this time around :(. The mission is prepping about 8 cars to be sold so Elder Murphy and I had to do a complete checklist for all but one car saying whether or not it was ready and all but two cars were good to go. This took almost four hours, bleck! We went and got hoagies from a place called Wawa which is pretty popular around here and is really good but they switched mine and Elder Murphys sandwich and condiments up :/. We then doubled into the other wards sisters area which we quickly found to be full of rich people which is quite daunting when the largest buildings you are accustom to are super skinny and only two stories tall. One guy allowed us in who was husband to a less active member and we had a really good chat but he told us that no one could convince him to change religions, which he wasn't active in any of his anyways. We once again had three lessons set up but only the one held but it went very well. We taught Prince, Darius, and Sunnah how to have a family home evening which was fun, I taught them all how to play the flour game, where you slice bits and pieces off which they thoroughly enjoyed and then talked about receiving Patriarchal Blessings which really intrigued Darius. It was fun! Saturday was filled with Weekly planning as well as doubling into our wards sister area where we found a lot more dauntingly super rich people! Like seriously their houses are ginormous! We found a less active lady who was only less active due to not wanting to go into Philly for church, but anyways she locked us down on her porch for about two hours asking what was new in the church... And when she asked what was new she meant the church's new recommendation for individual member food storages :3. She also asked Elder Murphy what he did in the military which he responded that he was a bulk fuel Specialist. Nobody knows what that means but I guess she didn't hear the beginning part that he worked with big gas pumps (ten gallons a second sort of deal) and only heard the part about inflatable tanks... She was very confused on how the military was using inflatable tanks haha! Sunday we had two appointments and a member coming out with us just a little while after church, which all cancelled again! But thankfully we were able to drop by a less active who was a back up and also had an unplanned for meal appointment which was really nice and it worked out perfectly! We later proceeded to go and meet Kevin and Elle with their three day old baby! Super cute but beyond tiny. Came just a bit early by about three week and was only five or so pounds. Super cool though and from there we went to some recent converts homes to once again teach about Patriarchal blessings but I'm fine with that since its something different from the usual grind (which I desperately need right now :3). Once again I'm still not sure what the connection with Liberians and the TV show King of the Hill but apparently they love it :3. Well that about does it for the week. We went to an ok Chinese buffet today but that about does it.

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