Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Glory Days, Back to Utah and Samoans?, Old Dog, Grinding Fridges

Where oh where in the world could this little missionary be, where oh where could he be? I'll let that sit for a moment other wise I might lose some viewers due to lack of suspense and tension. When you have only have about six viewers you need all the likes you can get otherwise the network might shut ya down ya know? But anyways onward with our... Wait what?... A shop where you can rent plants?... Oh my... So Elder Murphy and myself finished off our transfer by driving around Philadelphia and Camden New Jersey picking up all of the transferring missionary stuff. We learned pretty quickly that they are a lot easier to work with than those that are going home so our travels were quick and full of great music... Not much to report there. The rest of the day was dedicated to talking about all of the glory days and stuff from the mission as we cleaned and prepped the apartment, or at least I cleaned, Murphy really didn't feel like it since he had just done a double out in his last area. So Wednesday was an interesting day with transfers and all. I had hoped that they were just shuffling Elder Murphy and I around to another area since we had only been together for one transfer as service Elders but as you can guess it was just a hope. I am now with Elder Maiava who is from Samoa which is pretty cool. Good guy and from what I understand he played a little bit of professional rugby before coming out and has been out for almost nine months. And no they didn't transfer me to Utah haha however the ward reminds me a ton of the Utah Wards back at home. I am now in Wilmington Delaware (northern half this time and still not to far from Philly :P) in the Wilmington 2nd Ward. Literally the Ward is divided in half of people who work for Americas largest consulting company (almost all graduated from BYU) with the other half being lawyers... Who also graduated from BYU :P! I've never met so many people in my life who had told me that they were just in Moab a couple months ago and loved it all in a moment of about 5 minutes. But anyways enough about the people who actually come out teaching with me and how there school stole my schools colors. I learned this week that I have hit a peculiar age on the mission. Last transfer we had received info that over half of the mission was six months or less. Well with this past transfer that number has become even larger and besides our one zone leader who dies this transfer I trump everyone in the zone by eight to nine months :/...5 1/2 months to go and I've already been givin the nickname as the grandpa of the district bleck. I guess it's alright though. Elder Murphy and I joke about Elder Ballifs first words to me when we came into our companionship "I'm an Old Head, I'm stuck in my ways don't try to change me!". I don't have to worry though. I have a good comp. So I'm not going to report to much on the lessons this weeks since I just barely met most of these people and have nothing really to report on. The last two things I feel like mentioning at the moment is that of the last part of this weeks title. No not grinding fridges as in reference to dirty dancing but rather that it was making the most horrendous of noises when I got here but nothing to much besides that. Until Saturday morning when we woke up to find that only the freezer part of our fridge worked and all of our regular fridge stuff had passed away... And was quite smelly! My diet has consisted of oatmeal and meal appointment food so my digestive tract is all out of whack. My only hope is that I don't go lactose intolerant like some of the other missionaries :P. Anyways later that night we celebrated with the Ward Pioneer Day which was a bit of fun. Stick pull, tug of war, and lots of food and people to repeat the whole from Moab gig to but it was fun. Our apartment complex also shot off fireworks later that night which made no sense to me but it worked for the occasion so I won't complain. Well I love you all and am glad to see that you had a great week this past week with the cousins. Make sure you don't have to much fun with out me, I only have so much more time till I'm back ;)!

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