Monday, July 6, 2015

7 Months to Disappointment, Soggy Roads and a Back Seat Mover, Quite a Blasphemous Lesson

Well, theoretically I feel that I should allow you to know that after seven months of waiting after the initial announcement I was quite disappointed today in my product of purchase. I will let you all know that I do not recommend the captain crunch doughnut hole that is now available at Taco Bell |:P. Yes a long shot I knew and a risk that was almost worth the dollar... Almost as in it was a grease ball, yeck! Anyways news of this past week Elder Murphy and I logged in over ten hours of drive time this past Tuesday as we traveled the mission moving apartments and making deliveries to unhappy Elders. We went all of the way down to Bear Delaware again to finish moving out the Hanks, again. They are a senior couple and super nice it's just Elder Hanks had a bit of a habit of telling us how everything needed to be done, as we did it the way it needed to be done, anyway. We then traveled four hours up to Honesdale to deliver an AC all the way, through driving through super heavy rain. We didn't get back till 10:30 that night :3. We once again didn't have to much going on for us this week but we were thankfully able to triple our lessons... It's not to much when the last weeks was only two but we had six none the less. Also we almost had a meal appointment daily which is strange to me. I like meeting all of the members and trying their delectables but I fear what follows since they always make sure you take large helpings :P. We had a really awesome lesson with one of our investigators Edwin. He had a few concerns about following the Prophet 100% as we began the lesson but we made sure that he understood that it's perfectly fine to have questions especially since he's not even a member yet. Without them how could we grow? We showed him President Monsons talk from this past October and as soon as he mentioned Daniel in the Lions Den, Edwin fell in love with him. Hopefully he will be baptized next month but we need to get him a new work schedule before he can. On Friday we had a very strange lesson with a less active part family couple. Sister Hicks and her non member husband David and the two little cousins that they take care of. We were going to have a lesson on the Plan of Salvation which kinda happened but Sister Hicks decided to do all of the teaching and taught one of those lessons that you just cringe to hear. The Celestial Kingdom is where God is but not many people will go there with the terrestrial being where most of us go and then the Telestial Kingdom is where all those who are still searching go? By the time she quit jabbing they asked us to leave since Dave had to go to work... We left them a pamphlet and asked them to read it :/. So I'm sorry if this letter is a little short and a bit boring but it's really distracting to write when you have two extra Elders around and the game of choice is "capture the gun" which involves the lacrosse stick I found and wrestling, to try and get your opponent off of it... Elder Murphy taught it to us and proceeded to have a thirty minute match with one of the other guys. All in all our house hold took the champion belt, woot!

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