Monday, July 20, 2015

Abomination!!, Quick Awkward Exchange, Bronies and Military Nonsense, Up and Out..

Well this is how our past week went. It went pretty well...... Ok so really on Monday we were able to stop by our new Investigator Jefferey and have a bit of an exchange of matching beliefs. He didn't really allow for a lesson since he was the one mostly leading out and finding out what he could match up with us which was nice. He's really cool and I guess we will see what happens this coming visit on Tuesday. Tuesday we had a fun but also interesting day of exchanges. We had to deliver mattresses to the Sisters who would be going into a trio this coming transfer. It started off with us going down to the mission storage lockers where we had many strange encounters! We began removing mattresses and box springs when Elder Prue Identified that the many bugs found upon these slabs of material were bed bugs! But we were and still are ok, with no house infections or blood spots. No the true monstrosity was that of a large strange bug that our dear Elder Prue happened upon as he was moving a box spring and this abomination appeared from the inside of the box spring sending Mr. Prue out of the unit with a loud yelp. Proceed to 30 minutes of refinding, identifying, and failing at killing what I identified to be a spricket! They are nasty! Combine a cricket and spider that is about the size of the circle you can make with your thumbs and index fingers yeck! I'll make sure to send a pictures of the Abominable Cretan. I went with Elder Prue to New Jersey which was a blast. We had two drop offs in Cherry Hill, and Medford. The Sisters in Cherry Hill were super fun as we told them about everything that they had to do now that we had spread what might be a bed bug mattress into their apartment (it was in cased so they were fine). The second set however was super quiet and at first wouldn't come into their own house when we were there thinking that it was against the rules... We need to know where stuff is and also they show up to district meeting every week just fine so we finally got them in. Anyways all done we were on our way home. Half hour away we called Elder Murphy to see where they were and they hadn't even left philly yet to go down into Delaware. So without keys to either apartment we first helped the office senior missionaries till they left which was about an hour so it is about 5 pm by now. We make a call and Murphy is stuck in traffic and is still about 45 minutes away from his destination :/... So with nothing to do Elder Prue and I get onto and turn on an old church movie called the "The Phone Call" (highly recommend it). Well about 10 minutes into it the AP's come in and see what we are doing and start acting as if we have both only been out just a few months saying how when they were a golden they used to watch that too and that it should be left till P-Day so that we could be more productive..... I've been noticing this a lot with the new leadership but I mean we had nothing else to do. We were at Broomall till 8 that night and then didn't get home till 10 since we had to go back to the storage unit. It's frustrating. Anyways Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Standing which was alright. He came out with Elder Litton so we had some fun conversations but past that we were never really able to make a solid connection on something to talk about. Oh well. Thursday we had to go back in for service. Nothing to particular there besides that we had to warn the dying missionaries that we would be coming to pick up their stuff the next day. This would have happened had not one of the missionaries (we will identify him as the Marine) complained that we hadn't given him any notice. We told him that it wasn't our job we were just telling him what we were doing. Well he scoffed at me and went to the AP's to make sure it was changed. Wrong move. Saturday was completely taken up by picking up luggage and I was thoroughly frustrated since only two of the leaving missionaries were preparing the whole week to go... The rest seemed to procrastinate till we showed up at the door... Where half weren't even there. Also we saved the Marines stuff for last :3. Oh and so last but not least Elder Murphy and myself are doubling out. It's my second one and done double out and it's pretty depressing since I really didn't accomplish anything here besides have my batteries recharged so I guess we shall see what happens here over the next few days. I love you all and wish you the best!

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