Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sneak peek, Case of the forgotten wallet, coherent gators?, George got Dunked!!!!!

Well this week was interesting in the fact that we had quite a bit work out for us in terms of numbers, but over all there are only a few super awesome things to talk about :3. So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with Zone Lord Elder Lundberg and we had a pretty good time up in Frankford. The Frankford apartment has two set of missionaries in it so it's pretty fun also considering one of those elders is elder Seeley who is a nut ball but super fun to be around and a good elder. Anyway, the exchange was good. We did a thing called church finding where we set up a table with stuff on it and just talked to people walking on the street. It was kinda hard seeming how their church building is a store front right next to the elevated subway track so it was very noisy. I myself didn't have to much success but the others did. What was really funny though is that we said just a few Spanish words to a Hispanic guy who then became interested. The next half hour was made up of broken Spanish, Google translate, and miscommunication with the Spanish elders over the phone... :3. We also, later that day, contacted a referral. He and his wife were going to get divorced, but through religion they came back to loving each other so their family didn't split and they became stronger in their relationship together. Had practically Mormon values too so I hope that they will become interested in the church more! So Wednesday was pretty dang cool. We had zone conference and I got to have my first sneak peek ever along with watching my first movie on the mission! We got to see" Meet the Mormons", two days before release and my goodness that was a well made film :D. I don't know if you guys have gotten to see it yet but I'll let you know that it is extremely good. Later this week we saw on Facebook that over all it did pretty well in ratings too, so you'll have to let me know. We had a lesson with a lady named Victoria, who wants to turn her life around, the lesson was very interesting though since she said that she only had a few minutes and then talked to us for about forty five minutes :P. We were also unsure about how coherent she was since just out of random she would start to fall asleep and then make random comments about how she was worried about the cat because it slept so much.... 0.o. Either way we are going back next Friday. Also that night we went to Annie's to give her a blessing since she hurt her back pretty bad. She was doing better but we still gave her the blessing also her sister n sisters kids were there and they said that they would all show up to church this Sunday! The kids did but they are non members so we picked them up as gators :3. So I guess, last if, not least, on Wednesday I was super scared to ask since there is a rule about how only for two weeks after leaving an area can you go and see investigators you worked with get baptized, but I finally bucked up and asked president to which he was totally fine with :D. So last night we got to go and see the baptism of George Callahan from South Philly and he wanted me to speak on baptism so I got to do that :D!! It was awesome!! Finally all married and though his wife is still sick she's no longer in the hospital we were able to dunk the man :3! Got to see a lot of people from South Philly which was cool to! Next week for P-Day we will hopefully be going to see the Rocky Steps and such!

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