Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Slow Mo, Gods Dogs, Motorcycle Hurd, We Should Sue

Well I'll be honest this was a really quick week that drove a go cart at five hundred miles per hour when it hit a banana sending it into a spin. Going somewhere but not very productive.... Probly some turtle shells too, but never mind the references, this week was a bit slow. However it did have some noticeable grates to it so I guess that I will write what took place just previous. So we had multiple adventures to the Layton/Brown families house with only one success seeming how they would always invite us over but when we would get there Sean (who is one of the only two males that lives there) would suddenly be either to sick or to tired to come down. However we were able to get all the woman and children there on Sunday and for the first time they stayed the full three hours. Sean stayed outside in the car for whatever reason so I get the feeling that he was pretty bored out there making whatever statement he was looking to make. Tuesday we had dinner with the Wasco family. They are awesome and are looking to come back so with Sister Wasco quitting smoking we will hopefully see her back at church real soon here. They are from South Carolina so they say some funny things. Call tomato sauce red gravy 0.o. On our way home we ended up having a two hour travel time since the bus was dumb and showed up five minutes early with the next one showing up twenty five minutes late :P. A bit aggravating but we were able to speak with a guy from Nigeria named Samway who was really sweet along with Mr. Joe who loved what we were doing, when our bus came he gave us a handshake and rubbed our hand on his head lol. Guess it's for good luck or somethin. Wednesday was an interesting day due to the fact that I don't remember most of it but I do recall that we went to the Giordano's house for dinner and it was crazy! All day it had been down pouring like none other so the kids were hyped up and needed to be kicked out cause you could barely hear yourself think in there. They invited us again for dinner the next day so we went for round two then :3. One thing I'm not liking about this area is that we get fed way to much :P. To many left overs in the fridge and I fear that I'm going to gain back the weight that I lost the past two transfers, guess I'll be kicking up my workouts in the morning a notch ;). Thursday we planned and such before going to the Giordano's again for dinner and this time the kids were getting ready for football and such so we were able to have a really good lesson with them. We have to work slowly since Paul wants things done through the bible first so we have to recheck our research before giving a lesson. Hopefully with how things have been going he will humble up and give the B.o.M. Another try. After that we had a Book of Mormon class which was fun. We are in the King Benjamin chapters and someone brought up the comment of how it's like a straight and narrow road with little paths which we sometimes go down to but we need to get back on the right one. I went off of that comment and related it to how dogs are haha. Leave the trail/goal to sniff something when God has to call us back :3 I had everyone in the room laughing. Last thing for that night is we were waiting for a bus when suddenly there had to be at least 50 to 75 motor biker and dirt bikers just riding up Broad st. We just sat there and watched for like two minutes as they all just revved away haha. Last thing in news is Barker and myself are going to sue septa our bus system :P. Didn't get sacrament yesterday since the bus never showed so we ended up at church about 30 to 45 minutes late :P. Shmeh. Anyways love you guys, playing some b ball today which I fail at but its gonna be fun anyways :3 .

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