Monday, February 24, 2014


So this past week has been pretty good. Yesterday we were able to get
Michael to church. I was with Elder Rockwood and we went to his little
apartment to wake im up and walk with him to church almost two hours
before church since he was worried that he would take a long time with
how bad his knees are. We ended up getting to church an hour early but
oh well lol, we gave him a tour of our branch meeting house and
introduced him to people. Thomas Holmes was supposed to be there as
well but I guess he forgot about it unfortunately.
Anyways Michael really liked sacrament meeting, but we are going to
have to work with him on staying for a bit longer each time so that he
can see everything we do at church. We ended up not being able to stay
the whole time either though. Elder Whitaker got permission for us to
go up into north Philly so that he could see the baptism of one of the
people he taught up there. Her name is Jeanine Thomas and they found
her by going out and caroling back in December I guess. It was really
cool to see and elder Whitaker felt great from then on for the rest of
the day. He says that seeing someone you taught get baptized is the
best feeling in the world.
Guess I'll find out for myself once we get one here lol. We also saw
the baptism of the Spanish elders investigators Maimay and her son
who's name I don't know how to spell or pronounce but he was baptized
to :3. It was really cool to see so many in one day. By the time we
got home we has no time for proselyting so we just did some study's

Let's see what else is there. So the other day I'm out on exchange
with elder jones in my area and we are looking for a couple who were
former investigators named Anthony and Amanda. Well elder Whitaker and
myself have come in contact before with Amanda. She's a short and
stalky white lady, probly about twenty eight but heck I don't know
lol. Well elder jones and I were going there to set up an appointment
with them for later, and so I knock on the door and elder jones asks a
funny question, is Anthony a big black guy? I answer not that I know
of and begin to worry that I have the wrong house. Whelp what I found
out is Anthony is a big black guy.... I wasn't expecting that combo
Really nice family and hopefully we can catch them this coming
Thursday. Sheesh it is week six already. Transfers are six weeks long
and here we are, almost two months into the mission. The first two
weeks were hard since we had nothing going for us, but since then time
as been accelerating exponentially at a ridiculous rate. It's slowed
down a bit the past few days but all the missionaries say it does that
at the end of transfers and then goes even faster once the new
transfer starts

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