Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 3 in Philly

I find this week to be the most interesting for quite a few reasons. One, I've noticed that the longer I have been here, the faster things are going. It's like the weeks are getting exponentially faster. I guess the reason for this is, that God see's that if you are out working and having a good time, he keeps things sweet and memorable. But I really do like it out here in the field, being able to see so many people and just how different the life style is here. Let me tell ya, Phillies do some pretty strange things.

So first off last thursday I finally had my first Philly Cheese Steak from a place called Gooey Louies. Really big steak and I regret trying to have eaten it all at once lol. I didn't end up finishing it then so I left it for dinner. According to the other missionaries here, that not being able to finish a steak here sets a pretty high standard for the rest of the steaks that I'll have on my mission :3.

Lets see here, some of the strange things here hmmm... ah! So something you'll will find very interesting about here is people and their cars, such strange things they do with them. So ya know left turn lanes and double yellow line lanes right, well here that just means extra parking. Literally people park in the middle of the street and they find it normal, makes me wonder who was the first person brave enough to start that tradition, lol. 

Also, with cars is, that there is very little parking here in South Philly, so a lot of them have their cars parked about halfway onto the side walk. Also emergency lights that set off both blinkers at once, here that actually means I'm parking where ever I please. I've seen cars literally parked right up to the front steps and in the middle of the street. 

Philly is pretty good, the people here are pretty nice however if ya mention religion they just say they are catholic and say they are fine, its strange cause most of them say they are catholic, but they don't even know that they are christian, just stuff past down by parents I guess and they regurgitate it :P.

Heres also something I noticed since getting here to Philly. One is that when it gets late of course it gets darker, but it doesn't feel like it since the sky only reaches a dark grey rather than dark and black like at home. I didn't expect to see stars when I got here, ya know with all of the pollution, but I also find it kinda funny that since getting to Philly, I haven't seen the moon once and the sun I've had mere glimpses do to just being surrounded by two to three story row homes no matter where you go.

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