Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So things have gone pretty good for the past week, we have three guys that we are teaching and their names are Micheal Anthony and Chuck. They all share an apartment together and we are definitely sure that Chuck will more than likely get baptized, Anthony is on the half side with a slight lean towards a baptismal date, and Micheal we think if we keep teaching him that we will probably catch him in the spiritual hook. Lol.
We have two service projects today, one that we will be moving a newly wed couple and another where we will be hauling a bunch of old ladies stuff to a different place in their house. Yes, they are known as the "Ladies"! Lol, We got to meet them last week, three old ladies that live with each other in their house. Two are members and one is a potential investigator, but they are in the west elders area so we don't teach them.

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