Monday, August 24, 2015

Oxymoron Thinking?, Spiritual with the Crazed, Draggen

Our week and it's cancelations. So we saw Tom again last Tuesday and it was one of those good but yet strange lessons where it leaves you feeling as though your tires are spinning out in a four foot snow bank with little direction in sight due to a Grizzly taking a nap on your hood.... Something is happening and has the possibility of great things but there really isn't anything to grab onto to get out. Mostly I am trying to figure him out. He knows what the spirit is and what it feels like, but he seems to switch off from knowing there is a God to not knowing, to thinking that non of this is real, back to saying there is probably some sort of entity out in this great blue yonder of a universe. I just don't have much to go on since he's one of those that is comfortable where he is at and when we mentioned about Gods plan for us he wasn't to fond of the idea that there was an actual plan since he is an artist and prefers to just kinda go with whatever. I feel that he thinks plans are rigid fences but in our next visit I've been thinking about talking about absolute truth, teaching the Book of Mormon and then if still nothing to go on, possibly might drop. I'm not sure. Later that night we went on splits and I went with a Brother Isom. Really cool guy who is a private airline pilot who has essentially lived all over the United States. We got to know each other pretty well since our appointments didn't hold nor the back ups. Not to mention we waited forty five minutes in the car waiting for Maiava to get back to then learn from his split partner that he had dropped him off at the church an hour earlier with the other missionaries there >.

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