Monday, August 31, 2015

18 and Counting, Power Housing, High-Jacked, Keep it Up Up on Diggin, Home, Home on the Range

Dun-nu nunt nunt nunt, another one bites the dust! Another transfer gone, another close friend dead, and a peanut butter M&M just met its fate, just as so many of its other brethren have... This makes my 18th to last p-day as well... Yo Cresswell and Johnson what does that make for you ;3!? Anyways I'm not Trunky and I have the evidence to prove it since all of the young pawns around me seem to have made it the new thing to tell me every chance that they get. But that's ok since I know that they will all take their own turns when they reach my point of the mission ha! So anyways to continue on with what has been going on we had an extremely good week that kept us really busy. So rather than giving individual lessons I'll give people updates. Jachin: So we had two very good lessons with him this past week and we were super excited to see him at church his Sunday... Well we would have been had he actually shown up so now we are going to have to push his date back once again since our Ward mission leader would like to see him come at least three more times which is reasonable. I'm a bit sad and worried what will happen there but luckily for me that will no longer be my job to break the news. Tom: Crazy as usual and we aren't sure what to do with him. Still a flip flopped on believing in and not believing in God which I just don't understand. We are just going to go through with the Restoration tomorrow and quit dancing around the subject. Probably will be dropped. Lamonica: We were finally able to re contact this less active family which was sweet! They are doing better since the death in the family and have had some great questions about the plan of salvation because of it. Ultimately I feel that they will be reactivated due to this. So I'll move onto some new people so that I don't bore everyone to death with reports. Elder Miava and I were tracting on Wednesday and as we sat outside one of the doors Elder Maiava told me that he had a really good feeling about the door which turned out to be correct. Her name is Lizbeta and is from Puerto Rico and has a husband and three kids. We came back a few days later and taught her though her husband left since he doesn't believe in God. She accepted the message pretty well and had really good questions but she wants missionaries who speak Spanish so we reluctantly handed her off ;). So the last like really big success we had this week is that there has been this family who has been coming to church for about a month who are friends to a member that finally said that we could come and teach them! So last night we went to a members house and I guess we kinda taught them? There were a few members over there for dinner and the host of it all literally just took over and I was on edge the whole time! Started talking deep doctrine and about the endowment it was just ridiculous what he through at this family! I only got a total of twenty words in since when ever I tried to get to know them or teach them he would interrupt. We talked with the member who is their friend and he said we need to figure something else out since we are going to the same house next week haha! Well Maiava will. It's a family of six and another on the way and all at the moment are accountable woot! But anyways it would seem that I will be on the road again since I got the call on Friday night. Surprisingly I wasn't really stressed at all and here I am now with a bunch of crap scattered everywhere on my desk ready to be moved :P. Well I love y'all and guess we shall see where I end up!

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