Monday, August 17, 2015

Christian Tribalism and Spirituality, That "Rich Friend", Foretold Delays

We saw Jachin a lot this week... I am pretty sure that it was almost five times but I could be wrong on this one. Anyways we were trying to get him prepped for his baptism this week but it would seem that we will delay that a little bit so I'll give reason why in just a little bit. So this past week was pretty good and kept us a bit busier than the past one. Mostly due to Jachin and Tiefa but we were able to go and see my first member referral this past week :D! It was from the guys brother in New Hampshire and we had tried to find him before with little success. His name is Thomas and he is a pretty sweet guy but he has some interesting beliefs. Christian all the way but it seems that he's not to sure on absolute truths besides Christ. Meets with the Jehovahs Witnesses, does tribal prayers with the local Indians, it's just kinda strange all together. But he enjoyed what we had to say and likes our three kingdom view and stated that no matter how the world ends he wins in the end. We have some good promise here so hopefully we will be able to accomplish what we have designed to do ;). On Wednesday I went on exchanges down to Newark Delaware with an Elder Wiesler, our zone leader. I would like to relate this exchange to that one rich friend that most of us can associate to. Rich, nice house, beautiful woman (vice versa), has a dog who's breed is on the endangered species list. Or in our case great area, super supportive members (they drive them everywhere), live on a college campus (fulfills the beautiful women part). We were stuffed with lessons and went from one right to the other which I enjoyed, meant less finding for me ;)! He's a good guy, definitely is a young zone leader and he knows it :3. Thursday was a bit of a strange day. Last transfer President instituted what are known as training Elders who were supposed to work with those who are six months and younger. But it seems that all are game so we got Elder Long with us which I was pretty happy about. Not to much happened during the exchange, we had a family history event with Tiefa and Jachin right before it but past that we were just walking around looking for people. We only came across a very fiery Pentecostal woman. I told her that I had already been to a Pentecostal church and she asked why I didn't stay there, and when I told her why she stated that if I came to her church I wouldn't leave and that I would see how the gift of tongues actually worked. We would have gone but we couldn't find her church. Also I've already dismembered the case so I don't really care. Friday he and his companion gave us a kind of training on how to plan? It was nice but for the most part I feel there were bigger reasons for them being there. Friday was mostly taken up by weekly planning. So on Saturday we talked to Jachin about the baptismal interview questions. He did amazing and we felt that he was really ready for baptism as we went through all of the stuff with him. I think he got a little scared when a certain member started going off about not watching things over PG, only listening to Christmas music, and other non doctrine points that scare us missionaries as you could very well guess, but otherwise all was well... And then he didn't show up to church yesterday so we are pushing it back a bit :P. And that is the news for the week! Love and for Delanee... Happy Birthday Delanee, there used to be an Elder Hainey, I once taught a girl named Lanee, Happy Birthday Delanee!

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