Monday, November 2, 2015

Trunker Treaten, Tyrannical Mini Giants, Halloween

Attempting to do laundry this morning as we began or adventurous P-Day, we placed our pay card in and upon removing it, the wash basin and one of the valves began erupting with hot suds and water spraying the whole wall and making a mess of the floor which we had a dirty towel to lap up... Just reminds me of how much more important it will be to have an outside dog... So here we go with the week since its pretty simple. Monday and Tuesday were pretty well uneventful as we meandered about the Easton and Phillipsburg region, which really bugged me but we had a pretty fun night on Tuesday as we went to the ward Trunk or Treat. However we weren't notified as well as one other family, that everyone was going to park on one side of the parking lot and with all of the pizzazz of my popcorn bopping music (if you listen to it don't judge me) blaring we only managed to get a few repetitive kids to come to our car so we eventually just started to give handfuls so that I wasn't left with a plethora of skittles. On Wednesday, we had a super soaker day! It rained and rained and never let up but the fearless missionaries continued as they tracked along.... Getting kinda tired of that. Not to much success but later that evening we went and had a lesson with our new investigators May and Mike. Mike wasn't in on it for the first half but lets just say that they have two boys who have some mental issues and obviously not well disciplined they terrorized and sifted through everything as we tried to give a lesson about the revelation. One even went through my bag and tried to steal my camera but thats where I kinda drew the line. However they did steal a "Proclamation to the World" and gave it to May and she agreed with all of it. I have good hopes for them however it will be an uphill battle with those little guys running everywhere woof! Thursday we saw Debra which was good like it always is. We went over some more strength scriptures with her since she is working on quitting smoking, which she enjoyed but I feel that it is time that we set her free on that subject and follow up a little later as we now move on to such things as the Priesthood and Patriarchal blessings. Good and plentiful temptations that will hopefully help over power the bad ones ;). She's a champ! So we now come to our Halloween weekend which includes mischief night... It was pretty boring haha. Mischief night that is. We had fun carving pumpkins, which I wasn't able to do last year. We listened to music and not much else happened. Its strange out here though since the different communities start Halloween on different days so trick or treaters have been around long before the actual Holliday itself. Saturday we moved a member which took up almost all of the morning and afternoon when we then had to double into the Sisters area down in South Bethlehem. I don't generally enjoy these double ins since nothing ever seems to happen but this time around our prayers were answered when we asked for someone we could talk to so that our time wasn't wasted. Elder Kester felt that we should go back from the way we came after a failed stop by and upon our travels back we met a part member family. Beth the wife is a member and her husband Barry is not and due to a Dr.'s appointment she wasn't able to meet with the sisters that day but when she saw us walking down the road after getting back she called to us and we got to go and teach the both of them a lesson. Woot! After that we had dinner with the Butterfield family, who are becoming my favorite family here. Dinner was good and when they heard that we had nothing to do besides go home for the rest of the evening (we aren't allowed out during Halloween) they asked us to stay and we played some board games for the rest of the night. First time this has ever happened for me and it was nice for some members to finally reach out :D! Also it was great to play a board game for the first time in almost 22 months woot!!! Well our conclusion, was a great Sunday yesterday. A less active member brought her boyfriend for the second time and he now wishes to be taught. We had Debra and our Recent convert move in Laura Prather there so it was good to finally fill up our empty Gospel Principles class. Show that we do work here haha. Anyways I wish y'all the best!

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