Monday, November 9, 2015

IBM!, Blazzin Nuts...., Belief Montage with a Dash of Holy Water, Chess?

Well, this week had a dash of New Blood imported into our area, but besides that I wouldn't say to much happened this week... Or was there? Well for the second time on my mission we had an IBM pop up. Not the Business what not, that we always hear about in the news going to make a push this year (Sounds like the Jaguars right?). But rather it stands for Introduced by Member. We are now working with the Boy Friend of a Less Active member returning to activity and if anyone understands missionary work that is the best of both worlds. 2 for 1 baby! Anyway his name is Nathan and is a pretty cool guy, though he is a bit interesting. He is looking to switch majors from Biology and science to being a fashion artist, so I am looking forward to seeing his drawing skills. Really nice guy and apparently when we left after the lesson he was super excited about the things that we talked to him about, woot! We invited him to be baptized, but as of the moment he is not yet ready for a date so we will work on that with him. Upon leaving we were going to go and see Brother Adams to have our annual lesson with him but as we arrived we found him on his porch getting ready to leave for the hospital since his wife had speculated that her ankle had been broken. We asked if him if she would like a blessing and then loaded him up and road to the hospital. She ended up only having a really bad sprain but with the blessing, she had little to no effect on her ankle besides resting it for the next few days. We would have also seen a family known as the Love family later that evening, but we realized partway into the day that they lived 80 miles away from us and that the Elders who had sent them to us had made the flub. We quickly called the Sisters associated to the area. Not to much to report about on Wednesday, besides I am a bit worried that Mike and May's preacher told them all the horror stories about us. My guess though is that if this was the case that he forgot to tell them about how we as Latter Day Saints worship a hamster in the temple by the name of Rosso (yes that is the strangest thing I've been told about my belief thus far). Thursday was also a bit of a hard day for us since our appointments fell through, however we did have some interesting experiences later on that night. We had dinner with Sister Stiteler which isn't to strange, I guess, besides how great the food is. No it was afterwards when we went to our Elders Quorum activity at Buffalo Wild Wings. The Elders Quorum has an initiation for new missionaries in the ward by having them do what is known as the Blazing Challenge which is 12 wings in their hottest sauce which have to be eaten within 6 minutes. Hot? Only the fact that they come right off of the burner, otherwise not so much. But you add a previous dinner, with six minutes as well as about 30 teeny boppin soccer girls who you never noticed as you chowed down things, can get pretty fiery in that mess. I am sad to say my companion did not make it past 4 but am proud to say that I completed the challenge! Friday we had dinner with Sister Timari who is doing well. We need to start preparing her for the Temple this coming month so that we can go as well. It will probably be my only chance to go to the Temple with someone, so I hope she is ready by then. Saturday was a beast all by itself. We were called to go and help a member move a fridge from Nazareth to their house in Easton and while doing so we were called by another member asking for help to move their fridge as well. The first one wasn't to bad besides how nasty the exterior was, but the next two (it ended up being 2 fridges) were new fridges that were just beasts. It was fun, but all in all I'm pretty exhausted from the whole ordeal. We would later that evening meet with a Less Active who we had lost contact with named Lori. She is a fun lady, but once again while we talked with her, she just confirmed to us just how long she has been out of the church. Its a mauge pauge of Catholicism, Protistant, and little to no Mormon left all wrapped up in a crumpled paper ball and her strange fascination for Holy Water. She came to church though like she said she would, so I am happy on that counter part. Sunday was probably the best day this week though. We had the elderly we go and see once a week and with his asking I tried to teach one of them how to play chess, but for some reason he didn't get the concept that certain pieces can move more than one space at a time as he slowly shuffled them up the board. I guess in time it might connect with him ;). After that though, we had dinner with a member and then rushed out to an appointment that fell through. So our last appointment that night we met with the Garrido family. They have been less active for some time and it is mostly due to the husband, but Sister Garrido is looking to come back so there is a light. It was a great night and we were finally able to see some of the struggles that brother Garrido has about the church, but when it all came down to it we gave him the question as to whether or not he believed that Jesus Christ was actually the one who was heading the entire church and what its decisions are. He liked it and we hope to see how he has used that question by the next time we see them. As for now Sister Garrido is doing great and we will hopefully see her at church soon. I wish y'all the best and I will see you later!

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