Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First week of the MTC

Welp I'm through my first week here at the MTC with only one more to go. Its been alright here, way different then I ever thought it would be. I think its alright here, love the people here but at the end of the day I don't hate the MTC but I can't say that I would friend it on facebook either. My companion is great, Elder Murphy is his name and he is from Seattle and was a Marine before coming here. He's really awesome though at first neither one of us really talked with each other for the first few days since we are both a bit shy, but now we are best buds as goes for the rest of my small group known as a district here. In my group there are two other guys along with four other girls. We all seem to get a long just fine and we've had some good times together thus far. I've got one more week here (thank goodness) before I'm on my way to Philly and I'm really excited about this since I won't have to look at the same tan yellow bricks which every MTC building is coated with. I could really use some variety in the colors I look at here ;). I hope yall are doing well and having a great time in the things that you are doing and I can't wait to hear from yall. If ya send me a message I'll send one that isn't for an entire group but just for you as soon as I can!

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