Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I might actually have an investigator that I could work with on Facebook :D. I joined an LDS discussion group like my Zone Leader recommended.
Most of the page is junk and people just ramble from topic to topic and some of the ordained woman are on there putting up the strangest stuff that I'm not to particularly fond of >.<. So before I fully quit the group I placed a post asking if anyone might want to learn about the church in a more one on one situation and I got a bite :D.
I'ma hopefully talk with them a little later tonight but I guess we will see and I will have to let you know :). Really hope we can find someone this week. Getting a bit tiring every week having to say why we don't have any gators :(. Just no one is ever home and the ones we do contact say they aren't interested... This area needs a good spiritual beating with a stick lol.

So this week there isn't much going on for us. Few dinner appointments and the chance that we might go to a Pentecostal service with Hunter. Elder Whitney isn't to fond of the idea and I myself am not sure what to think of it. I'm going to ask President his thoughts but from what I've heard is that Pentecostal's can get pretty crazy, but then again I haven't ever been to one of those meetings so it could be a really cool thing to learn about.
Anyway, today I really hope we can go see some of the museums  here in Seaford since we don't have much else to do around here till the end of the month. If we have the miles I'm going to ask Whitney what his thoughts are on going up to Lewis. Go see some things there and possibly the Atlantic ocean again since its pretty close to the coast.

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